Our Business Intelligence and Enterprise Application Services leverage superior technology, best-practice-based approaches, and our alliance with Oracle to architect class-leading data warehouses and BI systems and help businesses stay ahead of the technology curve with efficient implementation, upgradation, and migration services.


An enterprise data warehouse is a unified database that holds all the business information an organization and makes it accessible all across the company. 3i Infotech use best of best breed tools to offer a range of class leading business centric data marts, custom data warehouses and pre built data warehouses from sharper analytics and business decision making:

  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Migration
  • Data Masking

In Data Warehouse Design part 3i Infotech helps organizations store data of different platform enabling effective analyses and informed business decisions. In Data Warehouse designing process here in 3i Infotech our engineers follow a five step data quality management process which includes:

Data Warehousing Overview

At 3i Infotech we provide solutions to identify and correct specific sources of data inaccuracy, resolve existing quality problems, and provide reporting capabilities for ongoing quality management activities with our Data Quality Management Services.

Data Migration services help organizations keep pace with constant technological change while ensuring data integrity, accuracy, and accessibility. Our specialists use best-practice-based methodologies to assess the current scenario, conduct data mapping, and implement scripting and testing and help control costs by reducing manual migration efforts and avoiding deployment delays and also reduce risk through strong data validation, workflow, and approval practices.

Data Masking

Data Masking processes that ensure information confidentiality and business resilience. We use ETL and data migration tools such as Informatica, Oracle Warehouse Builder, and Oracle Data Integrator to address the data privacy challenges of organizations.

Key benefits which organizations get after making data warehouses are

  • Optimized business information management and access, with streamlined metadata management, data retrieval, migration, and masking processes
  • Efficient Enterprise Data Warehousing with open bus architecture for greater business agility
  • Deployment of smarter and cost-efficient technologies with minimal disruption
  • Improved data quality and reduced risks
  • Reduced costs and optimal resource utilization
  • Metadata management and reporting

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