Our Business Intelligence and Enterprise Application Services leverage superior technology, best-practice-based approaches, and our alliance with Oracle to architect class-leading data warehouses and BI systems and help businesses stay ahead of the technology curve with efficient implementation, upgradation, and migration services.


Big Data analytics will play strategic role for industry in coming years and give edge over marker competitor. 3i Infotech’s Analytics Solution Offering a comprehensive predictive business analytics solution that offers organizations powerful and actionable insights into their business, 360° customer view, sentiments and risk.

Drivers of Big Data Analytics

  • 360° customer view and sentiments
  •  Identify relevant cross and up sell opportunities
  • Acquire new profitable customers by targeted marketing campaigns
  • Enable banks to understand risk dimensions faster without expending the pool of human resources
  • Risk modeling and analytics allow financial institutions to analyze all portfolios to forecast likely losses
Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Retention
  • Cross-sell & Up-sell
  • Campaign Analytics
Behavioral Analysis
  • Credit Line Management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Fraud Management
Risk & Fraud Analytics
  • Customer Profitability and Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Attrition and Loyalty Management
Strategic Reporting
  • P&L, Risk & Reporting
  • Visualization and real-time dashboards
Unstructured Data Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Sentiment Mining
  • Text Tagging & Classification
Vertical Classification Prediction Optimization
Manufacturing •Dealer Performance analysis
•Identifying defective contact lens
•Improved machine throughput by increasing machine availability, reducing the rejection rate and Predict the machine failure •Reducing Downtime
•Reducing Simulations
Healthcare •Developing a Product
•Electronic Prior Authorization
•Text Analytics on Audit Reports
BFSI •Performance analysis of investment advisors
•Agent Segmentation Analysis
•Employee Performance Analysis
•Electricity Price predictions of a trading firm in the energy markets  
Retail •Merchandise Clustering •Customer Life time Value
•Designing Incentive programs
Pharmaceuticals •Patient Medication Adherence •Predict likelihood for a clinical center to fail
•Fraud Detection in Clinical Trails
Telecommunication   •Customer Churn Analysis  
IT Services •Vendor Performance
•Sentiment Analysis
•Product Performance
•Developed a product
•Workforce planning: Impact of absenteeism of employees on the project management activities.
Logistics   •Predicting the cost of shipment
•Forecasting the demand of items to maintain the supply chain<
•Fleet optimization
•Route optimization

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