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Create a New Marketing Battlefront

We help you deliver tailor-made customer experiences that are seamless, smooth and nurture lasting relationships.

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Customer behaviour evolves with every advance made with technology. Today, simply communicating with your customers isn’t enough. You need an intelligent, people-focused approach to marketing in today’s digital-first market. And the 3iAires Suite offers just that! Our technology enables you to integrate offline and online communications into one seamless service, creating an effective, efficient and consistent omnichannel user experience.

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Build the New-Age of Unified Customer Experiences

Delivering a practical omnichannel experience isn’t just about gaining a competitive edge – it helps sustain growth. The 3iAires Suite digitises your enterprise’s core processes to orchestrate a robust brand experience across all engagement channels.

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An Integrated Platform to Improve Customer Experience and Increase Brand Value

Our platform’s rich architecture helps enterprises remodel relationships with their customers through unified experiences across platforms, channels, and devices that are not only agile but ensure you stay relevant, future-proof your technology, and enhance time-to-market.


3iAires is cloud-native, agnostic.

Technology Stack

Built on Microsoft technologies, the platform comes clean on compatibility.


Lego-based modules with self-integrability and quick integration to others.

Omnichannel Experience

Each module is channel-agnostic to deliver a standard experience.


Multi-tenanted architecture helps to scale support processes.


Modules and apps are compatible to be used on all kinds of handheld devices.


Secured and compliant with Infusec and Appsec regulations and guidelines.

Domain Agnostic

3i Aires is horizontal and vertical-agnostic to cater to various industries and segments.

Industry Focus

3iAires services facilitate streamlined business solutions with significant benefits across industries.


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