Non-profit organisations are governed by strict regulations and are required to maintain high levels of transparency with financials and operations. As these organisations run on donations, they need to have proof of where and how they are spending the funds. Donors will only fund non-profit organisations whose performance is good and that yields results. This is where an ERP for non-profit organisations comes into play.

Here are a few benefits of an ERP software for non-profit organisations:

Offers secure back-end tracking, processing, and reporting of donations for audit and regulatory purposes

To maintain regular funding and continue to operate effectively, non-profit organisations must have all their records and data in proper order and it must be easily accessible to governing bodies. Non-profit organisations can leverage an integrated ERP solution that facilitates creation of relevant reports in no time with minimal data, and still abide by stringent regulatory and operation requirements, and deliver on donor demands.

Reduces data redundancy for more effective programmes

A lot of non-governmental organisations struggle with myriad systems that do not effectively connect with each other and generate wasteful data with no in-depth insights. ERP software for non-profit organisations provide a comprehensive integrated solution that benefits every employee in the organisation with role-based dashboards that improve their ability to create reports quickly and accurately, and maintain a full audit trail showing responsibility and approvals for their tasks.

Ensures smooth financial management

An ERP solution for non-profit organisations can greatly improve decision making with real-time financial information distributed in a way that is applicable to the organisation. The ERP solution enables the organisation to track grants and fund outflows in real-time, ensures compliance with funding regulations and centralises documents.

Minimises errors and automates processes

An ERP for non-profit organisations can modernise back-end administrative processes, automate workflows, and enable staff to focus on activities that need their attention. This includes completely eliminating the need for manual inspection, further streamlining paperless approval processes.

ERP software for non-profit organisations can help keep track of all the important details that gives the employees easy access to all the information they need, minimise errors and create transparent processes across the organisation.

PS Kenya, a Non-Governmental Organisation chooses ORION ERP Suite to gain accurate and reliable information for decision-making

ORION 11J ERP and CRM Suite was recently implemented at Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya), a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organisation that addresses health challenges affecting the poor and vulnerable communities. The solution includes donor management controls to track donor budgets, donor reporting and exception reporting to make the operations seamless and efficient.