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Stop Tomorrow’s Threats. Now.

Upgrade your Defence and Cybersecurity with just one click!

Get rid of the cost and complexity-heavy approach of traditional security with an intelligent cybersecurity mesh that breaks conventional boundaries of an enterprise network with a streamlined and cost-effective process.

The Traditional Cybersecurity Model

is Broken. We Are Here to Fix It.

Existing cybersecurity approaches and technologies no longer provide the levels of security and access control modern digital organisations need.

Remote workforces and the move to the cloud are the latest changes facing digital businesses, and they demand New Security Architecture for a smooth transition. Today, IT organisations seek a new model for delivering low-latency network and security services for employees in a distributed, cloud-oriented and hybrid model. That’s where we come in.

​​The ​​Challenges Today

Gaps in Visibility and Coverage + -

Most traffic from branch locations to the cloud and internet doesn’t cross a centralised policy enforcement point hindering effective management of security policies. This can increase the risk of a successful breach or compliance violation.

Volume and Complexity of Security Tools + -

With multiple point solutions generating thousands of alerts, security teams and analysts find it difficult to keep up. As a result, many alerts go untouched.

Limited Budgets and Security Resources + -

IT and security budgets are already constrained. Deploying multiple, costly point security solutions to multiple locations while remotely managing them with limited security resources is both impractical and ineffective.

Your Perimeter is Broken + -

Mobile users connect directly to apps in the cloud or a hybrid model, and are no longer behind your security stack and exposed, so what is your perimeter still protecting?

Your Network Costs Too Much + -

Hub-and-spoke networks are expensive and add latency. Users today demand faster connections to their apps. Why continue to backhaul traffic and pay for architecture that wasn’t designed for the cloud and hybrid model?

Access Without Context + -

Lack of complete visibility of device contexts, such as posture, identity and location, prevents a safe zero trust connection to applications.

Delayed Network Deployment + -

Setting up network and security controls take days, leaving business unsecured or creating delays in business transactions.

Here to Change the Game

​​Introducing 3i Secure Access Service Edge

​​Overcome all of the challenges with traditional cybersecurity challenges with just one click and deploy your network and security in minutes!

3i’s SASE provides secure access for your distributed workforce, IoT devices, and mission-critical Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure – protecting your business from malware, ransomware, phishing, denial of service, and botnet infections in one easy-to-use cloud service.

What We Do

Creating Secure Access and Digital Experiences for Enterprises

The world is headed towards 5G enabled products and services. To meet that demand, we provide customers with purely native security services that give us significant security and performance advantages over other SASE providers.

We provide multiple security services with just one click:

Secure Access

Zero-Trust Network Access​
Next-Gen Firewall​​
Content/URL Filtering​
DNS Resolution​​
Bandwidth Control

Threat Prevention

Network Encrypt/Decrypt​
Intrusion Detection & Prevention​
DDoS/MiTM Protection​
DNS Security​
XDR(Any Detection and Response)

Digital Experience

App Acceleration​
QoS ​​
Traffic Shaping/Geo-restrictions​​
Obfuscation/Privacy (NAT)​​
Network Analytics

A Closer Look

Our SASE platform replaces legacy, hardware-based network and security infrastructure and delivers secure connectivity as a service on any network.

  1. 3i AI-based cybersecurity mesh is a secure internet and web gateway delivered from the cloud that ensures secure internet access to protect users while accessing SaaS applications or other internet websites.

    Our SIA bundle includes:

    • Web Security – includes DNS protection, URL filtering, and content filtering.​
    • Threat Prevention – includes detection of malicious content and anomalous behaviour.​
    • Digital Experience – improved experience through application acceleration, QoS, and secure peering to leading saas providers.
  2. SPA is a cloud-based Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) or Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution delivered through 3i’s Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh.

    SPA provides zero trust, secure remote access to internal applications running in public cloud environments or private data centres, reduces risk, and simplifies security operations without relying on legacy VPN services.

  3. Securely connect IoT devices over any network to their destination apps while providing complete visibility and control.

    Using our global mesh, each user/device gets the benefits of 5G performance, QoS, hardware root of trust and advanced networking as an overlay network, whichever network they are on.

Save Over 50% in Operating Costs

With 3i’s Intelligent Cybersecurity Mesh, get consolidated secure access services in one single platform.
Do away with complexity and higher costs!

Here’s how we can benefit your organisation:

Better Performance

through integrated 5G acceleration, QoS, and single-pass architecture .

Better Security

from the root of trust, trust model (standards-based vs proprietary), and integrated networking.

Security Stays Up-To-Date

through 5G industry R&D spend

Easy to Deploy

integrated with leading enterprise cloud services (e.g. Okta, Azure AD, etc.) for easy rollout and management.

Lower TCO

no expensive hardware appliances; SaaS pricing is transparent without additional costs.

Simple to Use and Improves App Experience

through app acceleration and peering.

Industry Focus

Simple, smart and secure solutions for any industry or enterprise.

Banking and Finance

Comprehensive Network and Cloud Security On-Demand

Experience all the benefits of expensive enterprise-grade tools and private networks in an easy-to-use, full-stack cloud service.
Any network. Any device. Any cloud. Secure Access simplified.
With Just One Click.

Working Together to Drive Change

3i’s AI-Based Cybersecurity Mesh seamlessly integrates with industry leaders.

Trusted by Over 1500 Clients Worldwide

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