Helping enterprises leverage growth opportunities across the mobile ecosystem and maximize the potential of their mobility & related technology implementations.


Mobility & New Technology Services


Beginning with a mobile-first & cloud-first strategy, the digital world has moved on to an AI-first & Voice-first revolution. With mobility becoming a key enabler for every industry vertical, advances in mobile & related technologies have transformed the way the world works, plays, buys and does business. Mobile & new technology strategy is not about building apps & peripherals, instead the key lies in implementing a game plan that can empower enterprises to leverage mobility along with emerging technologies, to enhance user experiences and ensure better outcomes for the business. 3i Infotech’s AxES suite of solutions caters to the end-to-end new technology requirements of enterprises spanning a wide spectrum of industry verticals including banking, insurance, mutual funds, retail lending, and healthcare. We offer a comprehensive range of mobility services that range from strategic consulting to designing, building, testing, implementation and support.

Core Competencies

The rapidly expanding mobility footprint is making it imperative for enterprises to rethink their business models, reinvent their strategies and rejig their operations to stay relevant and leverage the opportunities and benefits of a mobile-first strategy. 3i Infotech’s end-to-end mobility services and AI & Voice-first strategy is powered by innovative conceptualization, cloud & communication technology expertise, architecting & enterprise integration experience, and a strong Design Thinking approach. With extensive domain & consulting experience, proven product development expertise, UI/UX capabilities, a strong track record in developing end-to-end solutions, and a vast array of tools & accelerators, we provide best-in-class offerings to our customers.


Consulting Services

At 3i Infotech, we leverage our vast experience in mobility & new technology solution implementations and cross-industry expertise to devise and deliver comprehensive blueprints comprising infrastructure, application & technology stack, and strategy roadmaps to enable enterprises make the most of their technology investments. From assessing the mobility environment to developing a long term strategic vision, and from recommendations on new technologies, solutions & architecture to providing insights on continued improvements & optimization, our consulting services are designed to address enterprise requirements, based on where they are in their mobility journey. Services offered include – Mobile Strategy & Roadmap, New Technology Evaluation, Solution Discovery & Requirement Definition, Application Transformation Strategy Definition, Mobility Platform Evaluation, and Reference Architecture Definition.

UI/UX Design Services

At 3i Infotech, our approach to design hinges on the belief that exemplary customer experiences are powered by information that is presented in an intuitive, easy-to-access and aesthetic manner. Beginning with early visualization of outcomes in the form of wireframes, the user-centric designs executed at our Design Studio facilitate consistent customer experiences across various endpoint interfaces while ensuring easy user acceptance. Services offered include – UI/UX Consulting comprising User Research, Wireframing & Visual Design, UX Design & Refresh, and UI/UX Testing & Validation.

Design & Development Services

Amidst a dynamic technology environment, our approach to designing & developing mobility & new technology services are guided by two principles – equity in access to information across endpoints and evaluation of all available technology options to ensure the best possible customer experience. We start by doing research to get an understanding of the users and define a vision. This is followed by ideating and building prototypes and testing to get user feedback, before finally implementing the vision. Services offered include – Solution Design Definition (3rd Party Services, Cloud/mBaaS), System Architecture Definition (App, Functional & Deployment), Backend Enhancements (Service Bus, Enterprise Integration), Agile Execution (Native/MADP/MEAP), Enterprise Integration, and App Deployment Services.

Endpoint Testing Services

The rapidly changing mobile technology landscape poses challenges for enterprises in terms of ensuring the performance and security of applications across operating systems, devices and locations. 3i Infotech provides end-to-end mobile application testing & multi-endpoint testing, ranging from functional to specialized testing using a tried and tested combination of processes, tools and accelerators. Our testing services help improve customer experience by providing insights on potential end user issues and accelerate time-to-market with agile execution. Services offered include Device-based Application Testing, Functional Testing, Security Testing, Performance Testing, Automation, Load Testing, System Integration Testing, Penetration Testing, Compatibility Testing, and App Certification.

Endpoint Intelligence Services

Along with 3i Infotech’s AI, BI, Advanced Analytics & Visualization services, all interfaces that we develop offer endpoint analytics, which enable us to study & monitor the performance of client applications. Services offered include – Endpoint Usage Analytics, App Performance Analytics, Backend Data Analytics, Marketplace & 3rd Party Data Intelligence.

Endpoint Support Services

From following an agile methodology in the release process to leveraging mobile app analytics spanning operational, app market & behavioural analytics, we offer end-to-end support services to help enterprises maximize value from their mobility implementations. Our comprehensive support program addresses continuous app releases, Android & iOS version updates, support on various technologies, new feature additions, and device support. Key services include – Release Management (Upgrades & Bugfix), User Feedback & Support Management, Post Deployment Support, MDM & MAM Integration, and Shared Support Services.

Data & Analytics

3i Infotech combines deep domain knowledge, rich technology expertise and global delivery capabilities with the latest in data science, machine learning, predictive analytics and big data to offer end-to-end data services. Powering this comprehensive array of data services are domain-led BI Frameworks, and our extensive experience in due diligence, assessment & roadmaps, backed by a robust platform & technology infrastructure. Momenta – 3i Infotech’s Data & Insights Marketplace provides a suite of pre-built Data, Reporting & Analytics apps, supporting multiple industries and business functions, in addition to custom app creation to address specific requirements. Key services offered include – Consulting, BI, Analytics & Reporting, Information Management, and Implementation Services.


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