Mobile ERPs Redefine Manufacturing Business Efficiency
Everything is essentially accessible via mobile today. So, why shouldn’t your entire ERP solution? A legacy system fails to offer you the accessibility, the reach or even the collaboration that a mobile-enabled ERP provides. We’re not referring to a half-baked ERP that converts its desktop dashboard to a mobile entity, but a solution created for the uniquely mobile needs you might have in terms of UI/UX and data dissection.

What exactly can a manufacturer gain from a thoroughbred mobile ERP solution? Let’s take a quick look at everything that awaits you.


The entire realm of your data from procurement, inventory, and supply to logistics and delivery is housed within this ERP and can be accessed from a simple mobile device. This promotes transparency, keeping all departments in the loop. Improved customer satisfaction proves to be the outcome with production floor employees, managers and sales personnel accessing data on-the-go to boost response times.


Unlock a plethora of business advantages with a mobile-enabled ERP that gives you a clearer path to progress. Monitor and analyze buying trends, product demand continuously and plan production accordingly. Overall, the efficiency of your business will soar and as the team is empowered to make more informed decisions based on insights and forecasts.

Real-time updates:

Get real-time notifications and alerts of your production. The visibility gained enables managers to receive, track, process and update work orders. Your workflow will now grow to be much more configurable. Field personnel can track activities of the factory, inventory, supplies, and equipment departments while incorporating changes to boost operational safety, productivity, quality and other requirements as and when they arise.

An ERP in your pocket is not just an innovation but a necessity. Manufacturing businesses today require an intelligent and responsive mobile-enabled ERP solution to respond and resolve any issue. This would further aid your entire supply chain to adapt instantly to sidestep any obstacles or adapt to potential requirement thanks to the data analysis it offers instantaneously.

ORION ERP from 3i Infotech is an integrated, cost-effective and cloud-enabled industry solution for growing and mid-sized enterprises. ORION Mobile ERP provides organisations dynamism that the changing marketplace demands. It integrates sales, manufacturing, distribution and workforce modules to enable enterprises support customers, transactions and products to cement better business partner relationships.

The ORION mobile ERP app ensures enhanced customer service, reduced inventory cost, and efficient business transactions across diverse users and geographies. The net result is a rapid and high return on investment for all our customers. Find out more here.