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In the current era, increasing number of businesses are striving towards leveraging the unique omnichannel strategy, which could change the way business operations are conducted. The omnichannel marketing opportunity applies broadly across multiple categories. It is a unique approach to sales that pursues to provide the ideal buying/interacting experience to customers whether it is online from a desktop or mobile device or in a brick-and-mortar store.

Consider the example of how L’Oreal, USA’s top brand website engages the visitor and keeps them engaged on an omnichannel path to purchase.
Omnichannel feature ensures that the customers are highly engaged and involved in the process and never stray away from what is actually required. Here is a closer look at the need for omnichannel platform. Omni-channel employs an assortment of channels with real-time responsiveness and knowledge of all the actions in the said channels. This method has become the most sought-after one by businesses due to their merits

  • Provide consistent service notwithstanding the channel used for interaction
  • Backing for distinguished services for diverse customer sections
  • Highly effective tool to support CX, customer gratification, and retention

A recent market research conducted by McKinsey confirms that many customers spanning across industries are looking to explore freely from channel to channel in an omnichannel experience.

Consequently, the digital end-to-end offerings and internal capabilities that businesses are building will enable them to quickly transform their processes and make decisive moves for the future of the organisation. A few major players in the retail industry have already recognized this change this resulting in some companies folding one-time web-only subsidiaries back into their larger businesses.

Need for an Omnichannel Approach

Today’s customers are fast demanding an integrated, easy and a personalized experience from their service providers. Regardless of the multiple channels used by the business, the customers expect a ‘one-stop everything’ style as they don’t have to go different ways to meet various needs.
Omnichannel approach eases the usage of any channel to do business with customers and vice versa. This type of strategy allows each customer to use the medium of their choice for any buying experience, product research, product/service comparison, and payments regardless of the channel being used – be it the store/office, email, website, app and others.

An omnichannel method echoes a fitting response to cater to the ever-changing consumer dynamics and fluctuating decision-making. The approach makes it easy for the business to completely understand this and implements its features to make the business customer-centric.

Benefits to the brand

By executing the omnichannel approach, a business will be able to –

  • Interact with customers on any channel they use
  • Recognize customers individually
  • Know their preferences/ purchases better
  • Buying/interaction history across all channels
  • Operate as a unified brand dealing with customer feedback across all channels
  • Personalize the services provided to customers

Looking for experts who can help you strategize omnichannel approach for your business? 3i Infotech offers an array of powerful solution accelerators and software that help brands in leveraging the omnichannel method that enables efficient end-to-end management of processes and business transformation – to optimize operations, control costs and enhance customer experience.

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