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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. It has changed the way businesses today think, create and innovate. Disruptive technology is the talk of the town. So, what is this kind of technology? A disruptive technology can be defined as the latest technology that creates more value in a short span of time and drastically changes the way people live, function, and do business. It has also become a rapid choice of consumers in the market. Robotics, Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things, and even the famed Hyperloop of Elon Musk are all splendid examples of disruptive technologies in the recent past. So how can businesses be transformed with such disruptive technologies?


Cloud is a boon for businesses. Easy file storage, impromptu team meetings over video conferencing, easy access to necessary data from anywhere, data backup, and disaster recovery are some of the main advantages of Cloud Computing. Its on-demand network contact helps many businesses save not just time but also run their operations smoother & faster.

Internet Of Things

For most businesses, the Internet Of Things (IoT) is the mother of all the technologies. It is a revolutionary technological solution that has changed the way businesses operate. It has disrupted how multiple devices communicate with each other, product monitoring, customer support, how information is exchanged with network connectivity, sensors, & software that result in business efficiency and cost reduction.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is the order of the day with most enterprises. This disruptive technology has already made waves with many businesses. AI comes alive with automated tasks, voice & face recognition, and even the deployment of predictive analytics in order to collect helpful information about customer behavior and buying practices. With chatbots, personal assistants & other communications solutions taking over businesses, more and more AI-based technology are being innovated & practiced to better business strategies.

Going Digital

Taking the digital drive is important for every business to stay relevant in the market. The digital strategy of an organization should work well with an adaptive approach to disruption. Disruptive technologies can become a game-changer for businesses. When integrated with their strategy, it can create a new product or a service while making internal operations more resourceful. Thus, disruptive technology is necessary for better growth and survival of businesses.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is quickly forming into the next generation technology. It helps in distribution of digital information without the data being copied by the external sources. The technology was originally designed for Bitcoin Currency. But it is now meandering into other potential areas of use. Blockchain is the sneak-peak into the future.

It is imperative for CIOs to keep a tab on competition and stay updated on the latest happenings in the market to adopt disruptive technology. 3i Infotech is a global Information Technology company that is committed to empowering business transformation with services like testing & compliance, mobility, application development & maintenance.

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