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POWERING TRANSFORMATION Leveraging Analytics, Mobility & Digital To Infuse Agility,
Enhance Operational Efficiency & Accelerate Business Outcomes.
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Altiray Services – The New Way to Do Business

Digital is the future, and businesses that fail to adapt their processes will be left behind. With that view, Altiray Services – 3i Infotech’s brand new Services Business Unit aims to catalyse digital adaption for mid-sized and large enterprises.

With built-in end-to-end framework elements, our software suite is easy-to-use, well-suited for agile implementation and takes care of your entire process management, so you can focus on balancing other KPIs.

A Comprehensive Solutions Landscape

We aren’t just another SaaS company. Our products and services are designed to accelerate your digital business transformation, create an engaged workforce and ultimately satisfy customers.


Leveraging AI/ML capabilities, Maggie is the best virtual support engineer you could ask for!


Make security native to your DevOps with our unique one-stop platform for performance, security and automation testing.


Optimise your omnichannel strategy to deliver cohesive customer experiences across multiple touchpoints.


Streamline your core IT infrastructure to meet the market’s dynamic needs.


Automate your scheme deployment and digitise your Document Management System.


An all-in-one agent and customer experience platform, because empowered employees = happy customers.

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Trusted by Over 1500 Clients Worldwide

We Reduce Operating Costs By 25%

Yes, you read that right! At their heart, our services follow a simple principle – optimise operations, control costs and enhance client experience. And we do this by harnessing the power of digital and leveraging groundbreaking technologies like AI, Blockchain, Robotic process automation (RPA), and Low-Code.

When you partner with Altiray Services, you enjoy a world of benefits:

  • Ease the load off your CTO/CIO’s shoulders.
  • Remove redundancies, minimise risks and enhance client service.
  • Revamp business processes and introduce next-gen infrastructure.
  • Modular, Plug-and-Play architecture and agile processes for successful digital transformation.
  • Employ seamless human-humanoid interaction for optimal results.

We’re in the business of digital disruption.

Ready to revamp the way you work?