Are you a distributor or a manufacturer who receives faxed or emailed purchase orders and invoices that are manually entered into spreadsheets? Would you rather have your sales team or customer service executives selling and serving your customers instead of doing data entry? An ERP solution can do all this and much more and rid your valuable sales and finance personnel from doing cumbersome order and invoice data entry tasks.

Through a paperless invoice system, you can have a greater control and visibility over your orders as the automated order fulfilment system generates regular electronic alerts about status of the orders and invoices that are pending to be raised and paid. An ERP solution offers order and invoice management and is fully automated. You can completely avoid data entry errors, duplicate invoices, late fees, and fraud. An ERP-based paperless invoice software and automated order fulfilment system enables you to see all your invoices and orders that are in different stages of the production and payment cycle digitally, as well as provides you with a detailed history and conversation surrounding each invoice or order.

Here are some quick ways an ERP solution can help improve order and invoice management:

  1. Faster invoice processing
  2. Fewer human errors and data entry mistakes
  3. Improved discount capture
  4. Reduced invoice and order cycle times
  5. Better supplier relationships
  6. Enhanced order and invoice matching

Overall, by using an ERP solution that equips a business with an automated order fulfilment system, a firm will benefit from automating the receipt and capture of paper and electronic invoices, be in a strong position to manage workflows for routing transactions through approval processes, be adept at exceptions and dispute management, and have smoother distribution and processing of electronic payments. Therefore, implementing an ERP solution that equips a business with an automated order fulfilment system through a paperless invoice software is a smart move for any small or medium enterprise.