Is Your Workplace Digital

Digital workplace is an umbrella term that refers to businesses aligning their objectives, processes and people with technology for maximum results. The purpose is to increase their operational efficiency and meet greater business goals.

But even today not many companies are digitally sound and still catching up with the pace. They are definitely behind the race, having little or no advantage over its competition. Therefore, having a digital workplace is no longer an option but an indispensable norm. Digital transformation is thus, the only key to success for businesses to establish themselves, create an identity and sustain in this highly competitive milieu.

The basic characteristic of a digital workplace will be the use of computers and software for day to day functions. A digital workplace uses technology to accelerate the communication processes, augments collaboration, do content management and use cloud for seamless operation. In fact, cloud and mobile are the most fundamental aspects of a digital workplace. These technologies and automations enables the companies to work anytime and from anywhere 24*7. Most importantly without boundaries and barriers, the primary obstructions for collaboration in this interconnected world today.

Other attributes of a digital workplace is having an intangible culture. That is a paperless office, where everything is stored in the server or the cloud. One click and you can access all the files and data instantly. This in fact, has been the most revolutionary step towards digitization of the workplace. It has reduced investment in labor, cost and time radically and up-scaled innovation.

Let’s now look into the other capabilities of a digital workplace:

Communication– Refers to the interaction and engagement of the employees and also the communication processes with external stakeholders and clients
Collaboration- To be able to interconnect, share and exchange
Agile working – This refers to the ability to be functional any time and at any place
Business applications- That is the use of tools for business processes
Appetite for Information- Refers to seeking for new information and innovation and further share it with the stakeholders
Therefore, a digital workplace is a setup that incorporates all the technologies employed to operate on a day to day basis. It is vast and includes a wide-ranging capabilities, right from your applications to the HR, emails, instant messaging, social media, webinars, to a host of applications used for businesses process.

What we need to understand is that a digital workplace is not a static definition or a pre-decided mark that an organization has to reach, normalize and then forget about it. It is an ever evolving and ongoing process, getting agile with every technological advancement made. So, you as an organization should be open and receptive to this ongoing transformation and adopt the same to facilitate innovation and a more flexible working culture.

So now after a detailed discussion above, about what makes a workplace digital, it is time for you to sit and reflect over the following questions.

Is you workplace digital? How much digital it is? And lastly, why it matters?

It matters the most because having a digital workplace is not just a choice. It is an indispensable criteria. If you want your organization or businesses to be successful or even exist to begin with, you have to make sure that you are digitized. IT is the only way to empower the workplace and your employees to be just not productive but effective. It is in fact, a catalyst for you to adopt the newer ways and have a competitive advantage over the rest.

IT giants like 3i Infotech are instrumental in giving that edge to your company. They have the most sophisticated technologies, applications and models to add impetus to your infrastructure. They empower you digitally transform and draw maximum benefits from your expenditure.

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