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A highly scalable platform supported by a suite of managed services, powering over 30 million users. Successfully managing 4 million+ employees and 1.7 million onboardings every year for clients globally, across various industry verticals including BSFI, manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce.

Digital disruption is changing the way organizations function and HR has evolved into a very strategic function contributing majorly to the success of an organization. According to a study by Forbes, about 73% of HR time is wasted in manual administrative tasks decreasing their productivity by 68%. However, preventing 76% of the HR problems is possible with the use of HR Managed Services. At 3i Infotech, we offer future-ready automated intelligent HR solutions that drive employee engagement and fuel organization growth.

Benefits of using an AI driven HR Managed Services


Flexibility and Scalability + -

Adapt to your changing business needs and change management

Time-efficient + -

Save time and resources by automating repetitive processes and removing redundancies

Workplace efficiencies + -

Optimize your employee learning and skilling, and create a culture of growth mindset

Reduced attrition + -

Drive efficient talent management to reduce early employee attrition

Painless compliance management + -

Regular upkeep and maintenance of compliance and regulatory measures

We help Maximize Your Return on employee Investment

As your outsourced partners, we take responsibility of your HR needs and obligations. We have been helping our clients drive impact across Various Areas Upto :

Return on employee Investment
maximize your return on employee investment
35% reduction in time to hire

Maximise your effort icon
50% reduction in effort

maximize your return on employee investment
30-40% reduction in hiring costs

maximize your return on employee investment
Increase in efficiency upto 60%

Maximise your effort icon
99% improvement in payroll accuracy

maximize your return on employee investment
80% fake resumes filtered

maximize your return on employee investment
15% decrease in early attrition

Introducing 3i Pulse

3i Pulse is a digital-first, AI enabled fully integrated end-to-end HR Managed Services curated to meet your organization’s strategic talent management goals. Developed by a team of 100+ dedicated experts with deep industry insights, this solution is designed to address the challenges of talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance, learning and other administrative services.

Our Services

HRMS 3i Pulse
  1. HRMS 3i Enrich

    SLA based end to end process automation for recruitment

    According to various reports by Gartner and Forbes, companies that have traditional HR systems lose 30% of their time in manual hiring, yet do not always end up with the right candidate. 90% of the resumes on job portals are either fake or wrong fit and all these dependencies and complexities lead to hiring delays.

  2. HRMS 3i Empower

    Integrated talent management system to drive performance, productivity, proficiency & passion

    We understand that employees are at the core, and they can hugely impact the culture of any organization. According to a study by Forbes, 45% employees quit organizations that do not offer learning and skill development programs. 60% organisations find it difficult in consolidating and analysing objectives and key results (OKRs). Organizations that have legacy HR systems report 70% loss in employee productivity due to low engagement levels.

  3. HRMS Payroll

    End to end payroll platform

    Payroll processing and data is an important input for planning and analysing employee count, budgeting and allocation of workforce. Process inefficiencies and a lack of unified real-time employee payroll data have proved to be a costly mistake for many companies with disjointed payroll operating models. According to Gartner, by 2024, 60% of all payroll processing, audits and managed services will be automated and will be processed with no manual interventions.

Why Choose us?

Real Time HR insights + -

Generating real-time AI & augmented insights at an individual level, adjustment of performance scores, timely actions that links employee goals to business operations. Personalized contextual insights make it easier for employees to understand their career growth and learning

Automated process and task allocation + -

Lesser burden due to automated integrated processes, allowing you the time to focus on tasks that are more important. It gives you the ability to schedule interviews from online applicants, without any manual intervention. Managing and allocating tasks within the team and getting detailed insights into employees’ assigned tasks and status updates.

Enhanced employee engagement + -

Improved employee experience through user centric design, chat-bot enabled, omni-channel equipped self service capabilities and 360-degree review processes. The platform has the capability to increase satisfaction score by 15% and fuel company productivity by 17%.

Employee inclusivity and performance management + -

Enables seamless conversation amongst employees, and between employees and managers. You can compare team members, share regular feedback and get updates on individual and team performances. It provides a complete employee performance management system through a robust set of programs, KPIs, scorecards, rating, and calibrations capabilities.

Unlimited integration capabilities + -

Offers integration with any number of online databases, building capability to upload all resumes in one shot. Enables job posting to multiple job sites, including social media in one click.

Industry Focus

Simple, smart, and secure solutions for any industry or enterprise


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