Asset ManagementMFund® ISS (Investor Services System) is a web based system through which the mutual fund clients and distributors can manage investor services and fund administration activities.

MFund® ISS is a part of the MFund® solutions suite, which is implemented by more than 80 customers in eight countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa.


  • Investor services – KYC
  • Subscription, redemption, switching
  • Transfer, block/unblock, reporting
  • Distribution entries
  • Subscription upload / reconciliation
  • Simplify account locking / unlocking
  • Round-the-clock access
  • Mobility and portal
  • Investor registration and KYC; streamline sales –  New Fund Offering (NFO), new and additional sales; periodic customer statement generation
  • Conduct promotions and campaigns; maintain unlimited number of schemes with different plans/options (growth/dividend) and fees definition
  • Supports both retail and corporate agents with individual profile; streamline agent recruitment, renewal, termination, promotion and demotion processes
  • Organize agent commission packages; calculate and maintain sales, overriding and trail commissions; provides incentive based on targets/sales quota
  • Simplify locking / unlocking of accounts; manage cancellation of transactions; manage redemption / commission payments
  • Utilize NAV capturing facility (manual / interface); maintain wholesale stock (manager’s stock)
  • Oversee end-of-day processing – daily, monthly, yearly and ad hoc; process distribution / dividend
  • Streamlines operations related to investor services
  • Round-the-clock access
  • Client login
  • Mobility and portal