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For a sector where customer centricity is no longer an option, but a necessity, the 3i Infotech services suite empowers the insurance & healthcare sector to effectively address changing customer expectations, dynamic regulatory environments, and disruptive models. We offer a comprehensive range of formidable solution accelerators and software that enable efficient end-to-end management of processes and business transformation - to enable faster time-to-market, customer satisfaction and better outcomes for the business.

Core Competencies

The objective of our solutions portfolio is to help insurance companies & healthcare providers spend less time on operations and focus more on innovation, growth and ensuring enhanced customer experiences. Powered by the latest technologies including Machine Learning, Big Data, NLP, Augmented Reality, RPA, Voice to Text Conversion, Blockchain, Platforms, and OCR, our solutions are enabling the insurance & healthcare sector to evolve their business models, and provide contextual, personalized, integrated and innovative experiences for customers.


Customer Experience Solutions (CRUX)

As a 360o approach, the Customer Experience Solutions (CRUX) from 3i Infotech leverages our consulting, rationalization, integration and development & delivery practice, enabling the Insurance & Healthcare industry to chart a comprehensive customer experience journey. CRUX is powered by our suite of offerings comprising channel innovations and the data & analytics market place.


  • Patient Engagement
  • Health Insurance Portal
  • General & Life Insurance B2B & B2C Solutions
  • Virtual Assistance (Bot)

AxES Channel Innovation

Based on a robust design idiom, the AxES framework can accelerate, enable and scale up to meet varied requirements to increase customer acquisition and enhance customer satisfaction. Powered by a strong Design Thinking approach that leverages inter-disciplinary teams with unrelenting end user focus, this solution enables Insurance & Healthcare enterprises to provide self-service options through channel innovations.

Delineated Services

These are services that are offered around the core Insurance & Healthcare application and are backed by extensive domain expertise and our various Centers of Excellence. Key services include Consulting, Application Development & Management Service, System Integration, End-to-End Testing, Configuration, Upgrade, and BPO & BPM.


Powered by a strong Design Thinking philosophy, the focus is on improving end user experience through a collaborative approach and an innovator’s mindset, helping the insurance & healthcare sector stay ahead of the curve. We partner with insurance companies and healthcare providers across the innovation cycle from research & ideation to prototyping, validation & analysis, design & development, infrastructure readiness, deployment, and support.


3i Infotech offers the latest in data science, machine learning, predictive analytics and big data to offer end-to-end data services. Powering this comprehensive array of data services are domain-led BI Frameworks, and our extensive experience in due diligence, assessment & roadmaps, backed by a robust platform & technology infrastructure. Momenta - 3i Infotech’s Data & Insights Marketplace provides a suite of pre-built Data, Reporting & Analytics apps, supporting multiple industries and business functions, in addition to custom app creation to address specific requirements.


Flexib is a collection of in-house automation frameworks which automates functional & non-functional testing using commercial/non-commercial tools. These hybrid frameworks use the best of keyword & data-driven capabilities and offer the advantage of reusable test scripts, functional libraries, business process and use cases. They support Continuous Integration/Testing/Delivery and adapt to DevOps processes. The Flexib framework helps automate AI using Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath.


HybridNxT in a Box, is the digital ready IMS suite from 3i Infotech, providing a comprehensive range of IT Infrastructure services such as Infrastructure Management Services, Unified Monitoring Solutions, Digital Security as a Service, Cloud Life Cycle Support Services and IT Automation Services. As a NextGen infrastructure, HybridNxT fast tracks innovation for new services, delivers real-time business visibility and insights, and ensures secure, compliant and predictable IT services – to accelerate the digital transformation journey for enterprises.


Digital Transformation forms the cornerstone of our service portfolio, powered by robust capabilities in Enterprise Mobility & IoT, BI & Analytics, Data Science & Advanced Analytics, and Testing. The 3i Infotech suite of services includes a comprehensive range of offerings, with a strong focus on sales, solutions, consulting, delivery, and quality assurance – to drive process efficiencies and enable business transformation.

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