Enabling enterprises to build, operate and manage NextGen infrastructure for Digital Transformation.


Infrastructure Management Services


Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) from 3i Infotech span the entire gamut from Advisory & Consulting Services to Enterprise Core Services and Modernization Services, to ensure that servers, networks and databases operate at peak efficiency, resolving system issues proactively, using automation and predictive analytical tools. HybridNxT, our NextGen infrastructure solutions fast tracks innovation for new services, delivers real-time business visibility and insights, and ensures secure, compliant and predictable IT services – to accelerate the digital transformation journey for enterprises.

Core Competencies

Digital Transformation begins with a clear roadmap, to transition business environments into the cloud, powered by software platforms and backed by a vison that facilitates continuous automation & innovation. This enables an architecture which helps enterprises leverage actionable insights, deliver interactive customer experiences and drive employee engagement. HybridNxT in a Box, is the digital-ready IMS suite from 3i Infotech, providing a comprehensive range of IT Infrastructure services such as Infrastructure Management Services, Unified Monitoring Solutions, Digital Security as a Service, Cloud Life Cycle Support Services and IT Automation Services.


Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure Management Services from 3i Infotech offers consulting & professional services to assess, design and build next gen IT infrastructure, and managed services to operate, optimize and continuously improve. The solution also provides on-demand infrastructure services, support on a pay-as-per-use basis, identity & access management facilities, PoC facilities for network & security operation centers, managed infrastructure & hosting solutions, high performance computing solutions, and 24/7 centralized IT support. Key services offered include - Server Management Services, Database Management Services, Network Management Services, Application Management Services and Security Management Services.

Unified Monitoring Solutions

Regardless of whether it’s on-premise or private/public cloud or hybrid, keeping tabs on the health and status of IT infrastructure through proactive monitoring enables enterprises to get timely alerts on issues, and insights to troubleshoot and resolve them. Unified Monitoring Solutions from 3i Infotech provides strong correlation between hybrid IT Infrastructure and applications, to ensure an ‘always-on’ IT environment and a consistent user experience. This solution offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities with features such as – universal visibility through a single platform, real-time data driven automation, compatibility across technologies, vendors & locations, predictive analytics, business metrics monitoring, and adaptability to emerging technologies.

Digital Security as a Service

With the adoption of new technologies & applications, IT infrastructure is constantly vulnerable to new and advanced threats that challenge the integrity of security protocols, jeopardize enterprise data and hinder regulatory compliances. Digital Security as a Service offers consulting, managed security services and GRC automation/SOC to provide visibility & control, ensure confidentiality, integrity & availability of IT systems, enable compliance with global & industry regulations, and mitigate internal and external security risks. Key services offered include - Risk Advisory, Identity & Access Management, Threat Management, Digital Security, and Security Intelligence & Operations.

Hybrid Life Cycle Support Services (HybridNxT)

3i Infotech provides an integrated suite of Cloud Life Cycle Managed Services (CloudNxT) to address mission critical applications, and help enterprises in adopting NextGen Hybrid IT Infrastructure, to enhance customer experience, improve business agility and lower costs and capital expenditure. From self-assessment to building a cloud adoption strategy, and from security & compliance to end-to-end involvement in the cloud adoption process – CloudNxT offers a combination of extensive experience, proven expertise and technologies to help enterprises seamlessly move to the cloud, irrespective of where they are in the digital transformation journey. Key services include – Defining Strategy & Architecture, Reducing Complexity & Modernizing, Building Operational Efficiency, Monitoring & Maintenance, and Ongoing Support & Integration.

IT Automation (Maggie)

Automation plays a vital role in delivering better business outcomes by improving time-to-market and quality of service, by increasing agility to respond quickly to changing business requirements, and by significantly reducing security and compliance risks. HybridNxT IT Automation powered by Maggie, is a NextGen automation platform that utilizes analytics and insights to transform IT operations, processes and DevOps. It standardizes automation of disparate processes, enabling IT services to improve quality, increase capacity and reduce costs, by eliminating human intervention wherever possible.


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    Infrastructure Management Services