Increasing User Buy-In for a New ERP

In some organisations, the reasons for ERP moving on the slow lane is typically due to a few apprehensions. This includesthe fear that the solution may require complex processes, while not actually offering the expected or desired solutions. This is far from the truth, especially in the context of an evolved ERP. Solutions that are presently available are highly flexible, with nimble processes that deliver.  Here is how it is possible to increase user buy-in.

Map the migration to blend with existing processes

An ERP software is a tool, and is positioned to elevate and improve processes. Supplanting is not the intended purpose. Therefore, for it to be effective, the ERP portfolio that is chosen, needs to be in sync with, or possessing the flexibility to sync with existing processes to deliver better results. Failure to heed this will result in poor application of the solution. And it is such situations that end up blaming the lack of performance on the ERP solution itself and not the non-implementation or execution, which in fact is the culprit.

No one size will fit all

The availability of component oriented ERP, while offering solutions to different segments, cannot be the answer to all requirements. As a solution, it is overarching, impacting corporate systems in a manner that nothing can rival.This makes the implementation part as important as, if not more than, the solution. Therefore, organisations need to look at the most precise fit, and frame the solution based on needs. This calls for specialist skills and organisations that have adopted a casual approach have found mismatches to be costly, in terms of expenses and effectiveness.

Testing and benchmarking

Setting expectations are important, and testing the same across existing or foreseen scenarios is important. Benchmarking standards like a yardstick, and working or fine-tuning processes is critically important for achieving success during implementation and post-implementation. Organisations that have not framed a set of expectations or those that have not rejigged processes to meet the expectations will find gaps in the solutions.

The demonstrable value of ERP is often underrated by organisations that take the wrong decisions. One, it is important to choose right solution and two, the success of the solution hinges on the manner it is implemented.

ERP demo - Orion 3i