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For many financial industries, agents are the links between businesses and customers. Arm your agents with the necessary digital tools that will positively impact end-customer experiences. The easiest way to do that? With CRUX! We provide an all-in-one agent and customer experience platform with superb off-the-shelf capabilities and applications to boost customer service, assess and reduce risks, and revolutionise your business process.

Why Choose Us

Digitise Your Enterprise to Empower

Agents and Customers

Customers expect more in today’s increasingly digitised world. Tech-savvy agents and enterprises who are ready to adopt new technologies can create smoother end-customer experiences. Here’s how CRUX can enhance your digital journey!

B2B Solution + -

Broker and Agent Self-Services

  • Manage Profiles
  • Onboarding
  • Client Appointments
  • Client Birthdays and Reminders
  • Business Tracker
  • Agent Performance Tracker
  • Agent Onboarding & Locator
  • Product Portfolio
  • Needs Analysis
  • Quick Quote & Sale
  • Customer Servicing

Value-Added Services

  • Dashboard
  • Offline Mode
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • On-boarding
  • Smart Tools & Calculators
  • Collateral Repository and Download
  • Reports and Visual charts
  • Print, Email etc.
  • Paperless Opt-In/Out

B2C Solution + -

Customer Self-Services

  • Manage Profile
  • Office/Agent locator
  • Application to Services
  • Product Portfolio
  • Needs Analysis
  • Quick Quote & Buy
  • Issue/Grievance Servicing

Value-Added Services

  • Dashboard
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • On-boarding
  • Smart Tools & Calculators
  • Collateral Repository and Download
  • Reports and Visua

B2E Solution + -

Admin/Employee Setup

  • Product Portfolio Setup
  • Smart tool Setup
  • User Management
  • Learning Center
  • Quotation Setup
  • Content Management
  • User Servicing
  • Marketing Contents 

Value-Added Services

  • Content Management (Command Centre)
  • Offline Mode
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Reports and Visual charts
  • Paperless Opt-In/Out

Industry Focus

CRUX’s suite of solutions enables end-to-end mobility requirements for customers irrespective of industry and can be employed to develop various industry-specific solutions.

  1. Empower Sales and Customers – GI & LI

    • Empowers customers and agents during the entire policy lifecycle.
    • Virtual office for distribution channel increases work time by 20% by eliminating paper and administrative tasks.
    • Provides end-to-end self and team management for sales.
    • Reduces cost per transaction by 90% via reduced call-centre and IVRS traffic.
    • Digitises end-to-end claim processing.
  2. Mobilise your Distribution Channel

    • Mobilises loan origination, loan management and loan collection. 
    • Easily integrated with any core lending system.
    • Introduce product and changes in application forms on the go.
    • Offline capability.
    • Integrated with lead management.
    • KYC capture and digital signature.
  3. Mobile Trading Platform – Customer

    • Comprehensive mobile trading platform for mutual funds and equity.
    • Buy/Sell/Redeem/Switch/Stop STP/SWP/SIP.
    • View portfolio.
    • Simulation engine before transactions.
    • Real-time transaction execution.
    • Off-the-shelf integration with Finacle for account posting.
    • Supports Android, iOS.
  4. mForex – Buy Notes and Travel Cards

    • Enable customers to buy currency notes and travel cards.
    • Check balance and top-up existing travel card.
    • Virtual Travel Card integrated with Passbook and Wallet.
    • Supports RFID payment using virtual card.
    • Off-the-shelf integration with leading payment gateways.
    • Core system-agnostic solution.

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