Building innovative assets is a valuable goal for any ambitious company. Taking cues from industry leaders, there is undoubtedly a need and room for 3i Infotech to accelerate its journey on this path

iCUBE, 3i Infotech’s initiative to bring Innovative Ideas to fruition and develop these as marketable solutions, is a symbol of this journey of transformation. Its central focus is on ‘co-innovation’ with customers and partners.

iCUBE is a systematic innovation process with focused objectives, enabling ‘Innovation with Passion’ that is embedded in the culture of 3i Infotech. iCUBE is a common platform that gives opportunities to even the most anonymous of the Company’s resources to express their inspired ideas. It not only encourages and nurtures this talent by facilitating cross pollination, but also nurtures these ideas with an entirely new dimension of teamwork cutting across silos.

iCUBE was launched in July 2020, with the unveiling of The Innovation Sprint and Hackathon– Series 1

“iCUBE encapsulates the vision of becoming a brand that symbolizes innovation by imbibing it in our DNA and continuously outperforming ourselves in conceptualizing and delivering innovative solutions which are customer centric.”

– Padmanabhan Iyer,
MD and Global CEO, 3i Infotech, while formally launching the ambitious iCUBE initiative, by addressing the Company’s global employees, through video conferencing.

On the momentous occasion, Sreerupa Sengupta, Global Head – Human Resources, talked about ‘How We Can Build An Innovation Centric Culture’, while Krish Narayanaswami, President & Global Head – Banking Vertical, spoke about the advantages of ‘Accelerating the Journey of Innovation.’

The Key Pillars of 3i Infotech’s ‘Innovation Culture’

The iCUBE Workflow

The vital steps we take to transform an Innovative Idea into a viable solution, are Innovate, Innovate and Incubate

IDEATE (Generate Ideas)
Innovative Ideas are created by different processes, including competitive events, such as Hackathons, The Innovation Sprint (an internal competition to unwrap the potential of innovation ideas among employees), as well as collaborative programs with customers.

INNOVATE (Build Ideas)
The iCUBE Team, along with those who have excelled in The Innovation Sprint and Hackathon, work together to build a working and feasible model of the Ideas generated. Employees and representatives of customer organization with expertise in the latest and other relevant technologies, are also roped in to build solutions that are market-ready.

INCUBATE (Minimum Value Product to Go to Market Strategy)
The focus is on leveraging these ideas to build solutions, that can be launched in the market and also, be commercially viable. The iCUBE Team works internally with relevant business units and the marketing team to launch the product in the market.

iCUBE Workflow

The Prime Objectives of iCUBE

  • Leveraging the latest available technologies
  • Trying out fresh ideas and innovative business models
  • Enriching current solution competencies
  • Co-innovating and co-building with customers / partners
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of our products
  • Staying ahead of the knowledge curve

Co-Innovation with Partners / Customers – The Processes

  • Setting Goals
  • Generating Ideas
  • Transforming Ideas into Solutions
  • Review and Validation
  • Go to Market