Maximise profit, supply chain visibility and ROI for an omni-channel future

The backbone of global supply chains, logistics management is a critical factor in integrating and supporting complex processes in real-time. The challenges of inventory optimisation, visibility, speed, accuracy, and rising shrinkage and costs need to be addressed. With rapid ‘uberisation’ of logistics, enterprises are looking for integrated systems, end-to-end visibility, and an asset-light and future-proofed technology embedded with intelligence.

ORION ERP solution for the logisitics industry integrates the entire requirements of logistics services into an intelligent suite of solutions that enhances flexibility, optimises your business processes to enhance operational efficiency at reduced costs. A unified cloud-based solution, ORION ERP system covers the end-to-end needs of 3PL, freight forwarders and parcel service providers.

Result? Complete coverage of the logistics landscape. Agile, well-informed and real-time decisions. Enhanced efficiency. And improved delivery performance at optimised costs.

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Why ORION Logisitics

Our features, your advantages

Our integrated transport and logistics ERP solution capabilities are designed to maximise your efficiency, profits, supply chain visibility and ROI.

  • Provide inventory visibility
  • Enable postponement by Optimized inventory location (manufacturing, distribution centers, central warehouses)
  • Plan for demand and supply variability
  • KPI Driven Warehouse operations
  • Highly configurable functions
  • Interface dashboard for performing Inbound & Outbound transactions
  • User configurable business rules or put-away, picking & replenishments
  • Service oriented Architecture
  • Deployable as Stand-alone interfacing with any host ERP system  or integration with ORION
  • More Accurate Promise Dates
  • Promise orders based on material availability, supplier, manufacturing and transportation capacity
  • Allocate supply & capacity by channel, customer or product
  • Enable Capable to Deliver
  • Increase Delivery Efficiency
  • Minimize expediting charges
  • Eliminate manual transfer processes
  • Improve warehouse pick and carrier delivery accuracy
  • Proactively Respond to Exceptions

Analytical tools for Decision making Dashboards that provide Key Metrics such as

  • Percentage of shipments that are delivered on-time
  • Increase customer service levels
  • average cost per shipment
  • expedite fewer shipments
  • carriers that are providing the best service
  • Leverage All Assets to Reduce Operating Costs
  • Effective Utlization of Warehouse Space
  • Better utilization of Own/Hired transportation means
  • Higher productivity of People
  • Better utilization of Capital Investment
  • Supports EDI or Web portal communication
  • Provides multi-modal shipment execution capabilities
  • Easy-to-use, configurable carrier, client interface
  • Provides self-service dock and appointment scheduling
  • Integrated supply, demand, and planning with warehouse execution
  • Collaborate with All Trading Partners with Real-time information sharing, event management
  • Streamline Global Shipments by Single global instance, international Customer management
  • Drive Continuous Improvement with Integrated performance measurement and analysis

  • Provides scorecards and portals for internal and external teams
  • Enables predefined, customisable reporting/delivery and custom reports
  • Leverages data from external systems
  • Satisfies business reporting requirements without technical support

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