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The fortunes of a contracting enterprise are strongly tied to the growth of industries. Highly customer- and project-focused, they are closely interrelated to multiple business operations – finance, project management, purchasing, material management, field operations, labour and cost management, etc. 
This is a highly capital-intensive industry that comes with its unique challenges in the areas of project planning, execution and costing, collaborating with suppliers and sub-contractors, visibility on cash flow, pricing, regulatory compliance and technology investments. Smart management of projects in all these aspects is thus critical.

ORION Contracting ERP system modules enhance efficiencies and visibility of spending vs budgets – in materials, resources, manpower, procurement and timelines – across projects and locations. It enables you optimise your costs with no compromise on quality or delivery excellence. This module includes a host of contracting and project management solutions.

Result? Real-time visibility and intelligent insights for efficient delivery performance at optimised costs.

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Why ORION Contracting

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Across the construction, engineering and services industries. ORION Contracting ERP solution integrates processes, planning and execution, inventory management, quality, compliance, financials and sales. The solution features are woven into a 4-stage execution model of (1) configuration, (2) administration, (3) reporting and (4) analysis

Distinct processes

  • From enquiry, estimation, execution and billing, contracting processes are comprehensively automated for a ‘start-to-finish’ delivery and financial excellence.
  • Contract Management with Budget and Commercial Revisions Detailed Work in Progress management Labor Timesheet  integrated with Payroll Systems Equipment Cost tracking for the Projects
  • Effective control of inventories and agile linking to a bottom-up or top-down operations budget ensures optimised performance from requisition to goods receipt
  • A comprehensive sales process monitors activities from enquiry to invoicing, with location-wise sales reports, annual sales analysis and pending sales orders

  • Ensures accurate and automatic generation of location transfer for centralised control of stock movement
  • From work request to job execution, utilisation of resources is tracked through labour timesheet and relevant documents
  • Comprehensive financial accounting: from budgets to balance-sheets
  • Multi-company, multi-divisional and multi-department accounting
  • Multi-currency system
  • User-defined reports and dashboards
  • Accepts more than 12 accounting periods

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