Challenges of ERP for Africa

Poor supply chain management

Inflexible inventory control compounds creates complexities

Cumbersome stock taking processes need hand held integrated devices

Lack of proper warehouse management – First in – First out & stock allocation

The need for tracking of SKUs and order execution

Absence of integration of APIs with third party systems and applications

Urgent need for fully integrated POS – promos, discounts, security, online/offline

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Configurable, cost effective solutions to solve routine & complex business challenges

Role of ERP in Africa’s Economic Growth

The positive impact of technology on Africa has been two fold – economic and social. Powerful BI & Analytics work in tandem with workflows to create cost-effective solutions that tackle complex business problems. The automation and integration of various departments through a unified platform has fostered greater collaboration and offered users a single version of data. Overarching integration across the enterprise – straddling locations, departments and functions has boosted efficiency and streamlined processes.

ORION 11j Manufacturing Suite, Distribution Suite and NGO Suite offers a bundle of features that make it a unique process pack. Industry Best Practices, dynamic reporting tools, 360 degree visibility of business operations and strong finance modules make the suites ultra efficient and relevant in the development of African economy. The suites offer high speed real-time access to critical data, facilitating operational success. Dashboards bring data into better focus, with crisp visualization and renditions that highlight information which need attention.

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