ERP with Process Automation

Global research and advisory firm Gartner’s insights on digital transformation states that two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their organizations must keep up with digitalization to stay competitive. As organizations continue to transform owing to digitization, it is essential that they revitalize their ERP systems—the cornerstone of any successful business. For digital transformation to be successful, the ERP solution, apart from maintaining the main benefit of providing seamless business operations, must provide an overarching insight into business processes that can result in tangible end gains. This is possible only when ERP is enabled with process automation. From improved quality to increased ROI, process automation empowers the digitized workforce to achieve more; dispelling the general misconception that automation will substitute traditional workers.

Discover the Power of Process Automation

The 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends study, reported almost 50% of the executives from leading HR global firms, attributing 10–20% savings to their HR and overall business processes owing to process automation. In the HR function, process automation built into the ERP system can improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of various tasks ranging from talent acquisition and career management to employee experience and performance management. Implementing a process automation enabled ERP system in lieu of a traditional ERP directly impacts efficiency by digitizing processes across verticals including finance, procurement, manufacturing, contracting, project management and sales.ERP equipped with process automation can help an enterprise reduce operational costs and attain ROI goals much faster. Being localized to a business unit or function, it can result in reduced integration needs and implementation time. Process automation further brings immense quality and control improvements. Since it digitizes expensive and error-prone manual processes, enterprises can proactively embed the required thresholds and guidelines leading to reduced errors and risk compliance.

When organizations choose process automation enabled ERP systems, they gain the added benefit of being able to customize their processes defined as per their business goals and digital platforms. For instance, a process automated ERP system can equip an organization on its digitization journey by replacing redundant internal communications on emails with a task management system. Such a system powered with well-defined SLAs can assign tasks dynamically and create visibility of the entire process from the start of a task to its end, bringing immense value to the productivity chain. In addition to increasing efficiency and improving TAT, employees are empowered to focus their attention on higher value and more strategic tasks such as the creation of better customer experiences.

Redefine ERP with ORION 11j EPiCS

The ORION 11j EPiCS (Enterprise Process and Information Control Stack) platform, a flagship product from 3i Infotech, is a fully integrated multi-user enterprise solution with built-in process automation. Enabled with a single sign-on and accessible via desktop, the platform benefits enterprises with a single point access to data and acts as an effective middle-ware with a standalone web-service configurator.

ORION 11j EPiCS is built with several unique process automation features. The product allows for customization of enterprise task management and workflow with process stack optimization using the Visual Task Manager. Business Score Cards give an in-depth view into different business verticals by providing executive business snapshots. The product also comes equipped with features such as a Key Performance Indicator, a 360-Degree Dashboard, an Active Report Designer, Enterprise Content Search, and Data Analysis Portlets—all designed to facilitate cross-functional process efficiencies leading to greater cost reduction. Organizations using ORION 11j EPiCS stand to gain enhanced content management, tailored web portals, efficient collaboration, empowered employees, better partner connectivity, increased ROI, threaded process structure and efficient time management.

Successful digital transformation depends on the deployment of the right process automation solution. The ORION 11j EPiCS platform which is built with bespoke process automation features can enable your organization achieve success in its digitization efforts. Opt for ORION 11j EPiCS for your ever-changing, constantly evolving business needs.