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While we have a proven track of partnering with enterprises in the Banking & Financial Services, Insurance & Healthcare and Government sectors, we also provide business transformational services & solutions for other industry verticals such as Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing and Automotive. Our service offerings which cater to a wide variety of industries represent the confluence of domain expertise, best practices, solution frameworks, proven methodologies, and reusable components – working seamlessly to help enterprises build nimble systems, save costs, stay competitive, and be successful.


Digital Transformation forms the cornerstone of our service portfolio, powered by robust capabilities in Application Development & Maintenance Services, Data End-to-End Services, Mobility & New Technology Services, Business Process Outsourcing Services and Professional Services. We offer an array of powerful solution accelerators and software that enable efficient end-to-end management of processes and business transformation – to optimize operations, control costs and enhance customer experience.



Almost synonymous with disruption, this sector is witnessing massive changes across the spectrum – from brick & mortar to click & shop formats. With technology savvy, socially connected, and mobile enabled consumers expecting more in terms of personalized experiences, retailers will have to reimagine and refine their strategies. At 3i Infotech, we leverage our capabilities and experience in the big data technology space to help retail enterprises make sense of the vast amount of data and derive actionable insights. We bring into play a combination of technology expertise, consulting and implementation experience to help retail enterprises craft seamless and personalized consumer experiences.


The telecom industry is clearly seeing a shift from data collection to data connection, and the immense possibilities this offers in terms of market expansion and differentiation of services. This change is also reflected in the way consumers use and interact with data, and in their expectations of engagement with telecom service providers. With expertise in analytics, machine learning and IoT technologies, we help telecom enterprises to transform the business to streamline processes, enhance efficiencies, optimize costs, ensure reliable services and immersive customer experiences – to tap into new revenue streams and achieve sustainable growth.


Emerging technologies are redefining the concepts of productivity and efficiency with the manufacturing ecosystem increasingly adopting automation, intelligent devices and connected services, to accelerate time-to-market and stay competitive. At 3i Infotech, we offer an array of services spanning analytics, legacy modernization, and IoT, to enable the manufacturing sector to leverage the power of automation, to enhance productivity and reduce costs. We partner with enterprises in their digital transformation journey, helping them simplify business processes, achieve operational excellence, improve customer service, and gain competitive advantage across the value chain.


The wheels of change are driving the automotive sector into the fast lane characterized by the advent of sustainable and intelligent vehicles, increased vehicle connectivity, expectations of personalized & immersive customer experiences, and integration with global markets. These changes present challenges and opportunities for the automotive industry as it shifts gears in an increasingly digital landscape. At 3i Infotech, we offer customized technology services for automotive enterprises, to enable efficiencies and cost optimization across various functions such as product engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, sales and warranty management.



    As a 360o approach, the Customer Experience Platform (CRUX) from 3i Infotech leverages our consulting, rationalization, integration and development & delivery practice, enabling enterprises to chart a comprehensive customer experience journey. CRUX is powered by our suite of offerings comprising channel innovations and the data & analytics market place.


    Based on a robust design idiom, the AxES framework can accelerate, enable and scale up to meet varied requirements to increase customer acquisition and enhance customer satisfaction. Powered by a strong Design Thinking approach that leverages inter-disciplinary teams with unrelenting end user focus, this solution enables enterprises to provide self-service options through channel innovations.


    3i Infotech offers the latest in data science, machine learning, predictive analytics and big data to offer end-to-end data services. Powering this comprehensive array of data services are domain-led BI Frameworks, and our extensive experience in due diligence, assessment & roadmaps, backed by a robust platform & technology infrastructure. Momenta – 3i Infotech’s Data & Insights Marketplace provides a suite of pre-built Data, Reporting & Analytics apps, supporting multiple industries and business functions, in addition to custom app creation to address specific requirements.


    Flexib is a collection of in-house automation frameworks which automates functional & non-functional testing using commercial/non-commercial tools. These hybrid frameworks use the best of keyword & data-driven capabilities and offer the advantage of reusable test scripts, functional libraries, business process and use cases. They support Continuous Integration/Testing/Delivery and adapt to DevOps processes. The Flexib framework helps automate AI using Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath.


    HybridNxT in a Box, is the digital ready IMS suite from 3i Infotech, providing a comprehensive range of IT Infrastructure services such as Infrastructure Management Services, Unified Monitoring Solutions, Digital Security as a Service, Cloud Life Cycle Support Services and IT Automation Services. As a NextGen infrastructure, HybridNxT fast tracks innovation for new services, delivers real-time business visibility and insights, and ensures secure, compliant and predictable IT services – to accelerate the digital transformation journey for enterprises.


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