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For any organisation, DevOps play a vital role in increasing agility, speed and reducing costs. While DevOps has broken silos that once existed between testing, development, and operation teams, several organisations fail to address the safety requirements in software development. DevSecOps was created to inject security into the DevOps lifecycle. With Flexib, enterprises can now embrace DevSecOps, accelerate testing and application monitoring.

Ensure Continuous-Everything and DevSecOps Work in Tandem

Flexib is a unique one-stop platform for functional and non-functional automation. It easily fits in with any DevSecOps environment by providing continuous QA Ops. Enterprises can now ramp up testing to deliver flawless products and applications faster in a rapid delivery environment, emphasising customer satisfaction.

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We Give You the Power to Do More

Simplify DevSecOps, Accelerate Testing and Application Monitoring With Flexib.

With our services, integrate security end-to-end to deliver better software – faster and more efficiently.

Tool Agnostic to Fit All

Customisable to work with different tools, be it Open Source or commercial.

Accelerate With Framework

Easily pluggable frameworks accelerate QA activity be it scripting, execution or defect tracking. Reusable and customisable features.

Click and Execute

Execute DevSecOps Pipelines through UI to empower App Development and QA teams to build, deploy and test rapidly.

Easy Integration

Flexib easily integrates with different cloud providers.


Live and continuous monitoring delivered with decision-enabling reports.


Conducive for co-creation and rapid innovation for extensibility.

Automated Reporting

Automated Defect and Traceability reporting.

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Maximise Your Digital Transformation Journey

  1. Experience and Collaborations

    • Certified professional with experience in Agile and DevSecOps
    • Easy to configure pipelines
    • Jumpstart DevSecOps by saving on the effort
    • 80% test effectiveness and QA Ops readily integrated
  2. Solution Highlights

    • Accelerate and scale as you go, even in a diverse IT landscape
    • Security standards and policies in-built to provide extensive coverage
    • Live performance monitoring and report drill down
    • Automated build and defect reporting
    • Scriptless automation for quick delivery
    • Easily configurable pipelines

Industry Focus

Flexib services facilitate streamlined business solutions with significant benefits across industries.


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Automate Visual Testing to Expand Coverage and Increase Time To Market

A Unified Approach for Performance Testing with Open Source Tools

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