Widespread Globalization, throughout the corners of the world, have propelled Financial institutions and Fintech’s to explore for avenues to survive and excel, as compared to their competitors. The ideal approach, would be to lower the cost of business and simultaneously increase the availability and quality of products and services. Transaction Banking, has evolved as an effective solution to fulfil this approach. The process, provisions, of 24 online banking services, 365 days a year to customer worldwide. The low-risk, high profit business model, has gained more attention in recent years, as institutions have been forced to look for capital sources, outside of traditional markets

Transaction banking allows for the safe and efficient movement of cash and securities around the global financial system. This includes institutional cash management services, facilitating trade finance deals and providing securities processing and agency services for both public and private entities.

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Trade Finance

Trade Finance is a web application module, which can be offered as an ‘Add-on’ module and can seamlessly integrated with external Core Banking, Transaction Banking and Treasury applications. The solution ensures that the information formulated for decision makers is timely and complete and the user gets a 360 degree view of the Customer information. It incorporates the fundamental features of Trade Finance business, like Letters of Credit, Bills etc. It also includes relevant SWIFT messaging and reports.

Supply Chain Finance

SCF is a cloud enabled platform, offering solution to liquidity, working capital and transparency.It unleashes collaborative capabilities to onboard Buyer, Suppliers, Dealers on a global platform, with a prime objective to ‘Fund the Growth’ and help all parties, succeed.


Factoring is a web-based, platform independent solution that enables business transformation with efficient, integrated management of the various assets involved in the receivables finance business. This multi-currency system with international language support enables receivables finance institutions to help clients address key business issues like centralizing business operations, using resources optimally and leveraging technology investments via a comprehensive suite of receivables finance tools. It focuses on critical business issues like flexible product offerings, increased business volumes, rapid transaction turnaround and straight-through processing. The solution assures enhanced business efficiency, optimum productivity and maximized profitability.