Financial Intermediaries continue to seek avenues to deploy funds in maturing markets, whereby they are exposed to risks at multiple touch points. High rollers know that with high risk comes high rewards. But unnecessary risks can lead to huge repercussions on the company’s bottom line. But with calculated risks, you can reduce the overall impact and increase the possibility of profitability. Technology plays a huge role here in identifying, assigning and mitigating risks to allow for a well-informed and well guided decision.

Kastle® Integrated Risk Management (IRM) is an effective web-based risk management solution that enables enterprises implement Risk Control and Mitigation initiatives.

With the objective of incorporating the latest of developments in the area of financial risk and banking regulations, Kastle® IRM is a comprehensive package which offers a variety of tools & analytics at the disposal of the Risk Manager, who can quickly arrive at a well-informed and well guided decision.

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Credit Risk

It is an enterprise-wide credit risk management module. It provides a comprehensive financial analysis and risk rating tool that allows financial institutions to accurately assess and monitor borrower’s credit worthiness. Its configurable framework captures analyses, projects and models financial and non financial details of a borrower allowing for speed and consistency of analysis across the organisation bringing tremendous benefits.

Market Risk

It is a comprehensive Market Risk Management module that allows an institution or a portfolio manager to measure various sources of market risk, risk contribution mix using VaR models- Historical Simulation, Risk Metrics, Monte Carlo. The module also provides different analytical tools such as Scenario Analysis, Stress Testing, Back testing to control market risk. The module has extensive module for capital charge measurements of market risk by using both Standardized Approach and Internal Model Approach according to Basel norms.

Asset Liability Management

It is a multi-currency ALM solution for banks and financial institutions, offering extensive data management capabilities for accurate information gathering and analysis. With a powerful suite of analytical and reporting tools, it facilitates efficient liquidity and interest rate risk management, enables strategic decision-making and alerts users against potential deviations. It also has a powerful Data Management utility to facilitate data capture from various source systems, data validation and normalization.