Like other customer-facing industries, banks too operate with large volumes of customer data, spread across divisions, locations, marketing channels and languages. The diversity, quantum and formats add to the complexities associated with this data. It is hence, a challenging task for banks to effectively secure, analyze and capitalize on data. Data analysis activities have become more critical in today’s digital environment, especially, when the goals are to enhance understanding of customer behaviors, improve customers’ trust, identify and thwart potential fraudulent transactions, mitigate market risks, adhere to the ever-rising regulatory requirements and most importantly, grow the business. In this context, gaining optimal insights from your humongous data to ensure the best possible business value with least IT investments, is one of the biggest challenges that face banks today.
Kastle® Business Intelligence delivers an enterprise analytics platform to empowers organization with self-service and strong analytical tools to clearly diagnose the “why”, “what” and “when” of business drivers and outcomes and enhance value creation across the enterprise in a secure and scalable manner. The framework provides an environment with unmatched flexibility to visualize, explore, analyze, and optimally use data across the enterprise.

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