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Data End-to-End


Enterprises are constantly generating massive volumes of data from online transactions, connected devices, consumers, supply chains and business operations. Unless insights are gleaned, this data deluge will remain a potent but underutilized information source. Transforming this data into actionable insights and business decisions calls for effective data analytics & management. As digital transformation partner, 3i Infotech’s data services help enterprises unlock the potential of their data, with technologies and solutions to address the entire spectrum from access and integration to quality, governance, and management.

Core Competencies

3i Infotech combines deep domain knowledge, rich technology expertise and global delivery capabilities with the latest in data science, machine learning, predictive analytics and big data to offer end-to-end data services. Powering this comprehensive array of data services are domain-led BI Frameworks, and our extensive experience in due diligence, assessment & roadmaps, backed by a robust platform & technology infrastructure. Momenta – 3i Infotech’s Data & Insights Marketplace provides a suite of pre-built Data, Reporting & Analytics apps, supporting multiple industries and business functions, in addition to custom app creation to address specific requirements. Key services include Data Science & Predictive Analytics, Legacy Report Migration, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management, and Data Management.


Data Science and Predictive Analytics

From leveraging insights to deliver innovative customer experiences and launch new products & services, to unraveling new avenues of cost savings and revenue generation – our Data Science & Predictive Analytics solutions help enterprises discover patterns in data and anticipate various possibilities for the business. While we use the latest data science techniques and proven consulting expertise to build robust models and solutions, the predictive analytics practice employs statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data mining, text analytics, optimization, real-time scoring and machine learning to equip enterprises with the strategic advantage to transform their operations and achieve better business outcomes.

Business Intelligence

The objective of Business Intelligence is to deliver useful insights where they’re needed, in an environment that enables self-service, agility, reliability and security. The 3i Infotech portfolio of BI services helps to simplify, streamline and standardize BI processes, policies and governance, providing a structured framework and a tool-based approach to deliver business critical insights. These include Enterprise BI Reporting, Domain specific pre-built Analytics on ERP/products, Report Rationalization, Legacy Report Migration and Compliance Reporting Services.

Enterprise Performance Management

The availability of accurate and timely data is critical to help enterprises measure, analyze and enhance business performance, and make informed decisions to increase revenue and profitability. The 3i Infotech Enterprise Performance Management solution which includes Financial Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting, and Financial Reporting Services enables finance personnel to efficiently strategize, plan, analyze, optimize, and close & disclose results.

Data Management

How data is handled and managed holds the key to how effectively data is utilized. In addition to providing a comprehensive view of critical data entities across the enterprise, our Data Management solutions enable efficient ways to explore and exchange data and empower business and IT users to collaborate and innovate, to drive better insights and business results. The 3i Infotech suite comprising Enterprise Data Warehousing Services, Data Integration Services, Data Masking Services, Data Transformation and Data Governance, helps enterprises devise ways to get more out of their data.

Data Governance

Data Governance provides a comprehensive approach to manage, improve and leverage information, to derive insights that empower business decisions and streamline operations across the enterprise. At 3i Infotech, our Data Governance framework helps enterprises identify their current maturity levels and build a roadmap for downstream implementations. Key services include Data Profiling, Data Stewardships, MDM, Data Rules and Meta Data Management.


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