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A dynamic business environment and a constantly evolving technology landscape require enterprises to transform their business models, leveraging advanced digital capabilities and analytics driven process innovation. With a track record backed by extensive industry experience and deep domain expertise, our consulting practice is built on a sound understanding of the intersection of business and technology. At 3i Infotech, our Business & Technology Consulting Services offer a potent blend of strategic consulting, operational consulting and flawless execution, powered by global delivery capabilities, to enable enterprises design and achieve their performance and transformational goals.


Business & Technology Consulting constitutes a key offering of our services portfolio, and is a crucial ingredient in scripting the transformation journey for our clients. Each component of our consulting practice is powered by a combination of analytics driven process innovation and digital capabilities, to transform business models and processes. We believe that transformation is not just about insights, it’s about building the capability to execute them on the ground. Every service we provide is designed to help enterprises effectively structure and manage their business, harness innovation to solve problems, and achieve remarkable outcomes.



    Whether it’s about creating innovative products or immersive responses, businesses need to constantly re-engineer, to remain relevant and stay competitive. At 3i Infotech, our Digital Consulting practice leverages the latest in design thinking, AI, cloud technologies and automation to help enterprises win in the age of technology-based business disruption. Services offered under this specialty include Digital Readiness Framework, Digital Transformation Advisory, Mobility Consulting and Automation Consulting.


    In a dynamic technology landscape, enterprises are constantly faced with the challenge of striking the fine balance between the need to remain agile through innovation, and the cost-benefit equation of investments in IT Infrastructure. Our expertise in developing and implementing optimization strategies helps us partner with enterprises to help them focus on innovation, while their infrastructure responds intuitively to business needs. Key services offered under this specialty include Data Center Consulting, Preparation of IT Security Framework & Policies, Advisory for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Management.


    At 3i Infotech, we offer a comprehensive suite of business process re-engineering services to streamline business processes and improve efficiencies. We do this by designing enterprise business solutions and providing business case development & feasibility studies on recommended process changes, by optimizing the use of data, tools, processes and people. The service offerings include Key Process Design, Process Optimization, As-Is & To-Be Recommendation, and Process Automation.


    The increase in connectivity, devices and mobility has unleashed a deluge of data in all its forms – internal, external, structured, unstructured, voice, and visual. Our Data Consulting Services help extract maximum value from data by unlocking insights, enabling enterprises to make better operational decisions, understand customer needs, communicate in real time, and optimize business processes. Key services offered under this specialty include Strategy & Roadmap, Self Service BI, BI Competency Center, BI Platform Rationalization and Data Architecture.


    Growing business and technology requirements have led to new functionalities, services and applications, resulting in massive and complex application landscapes, posing a plethora of challenges. Application Rationalization Consulting services offer enterprises the expertise and methodology required to rationalize existing systems, remove complexity and redundancy, and foster an environment for innovation. The services offered include IT Portfolio Model Analysis, 3RC Model (Rewrite, Retire, Retain or Consolidate Scenario).


    FlexiB is a collection of in-house automation frameworks which automates functional & non-functional testing using commercial/non-commercial tools. These hybrid frameworks use the best of keyword & data-driven capabilities and offer the advantage of reusable test scripts, functional libraries, business process and use cases. They support Continuous Integration/Testing/Delivery and adapt to DevOps processes. The Flexib framework helps automate AI using Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath.


Our partnership with 3i Infotech will enable us to build a robust IT Infrastructure platform to roll out enterprise applications across all the locations on a centralized architecture. This will further help us to standardize processes across the group and bring in more operational transparency resulting in efficient delivery of services in a cost-effective manner.

Nandkishor Dhomne Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The overall success of the project was a result of 3i Infotech strong technical knowledge about Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing and experience with Insurance industry. We will have no hesitation in recommending 3i Infotech to any company who has a need to implement Operational & Analytical Reporting tool upgrade solution in their environment and we wish 3i Infotech success in its future endeavors

Mr. Mohammed S. Alromaih Database Department Manager (GOSI)

Congratulations on a successful release! This was our biggest release since conversion and it went flawlessly because of your preparation, dedication and commitment to excellence. Thanks for working long (really long) hours and doing it with a smile on your face. Thanks again

Sankha Ghosh Sr Vice President

3i Infotech has been a valued partner in the development of our loyalty applications for sports and entertainment venues. Our collaborative efforts have allowed us to enter new markets quickly and efficiently.

Bret Armatas President & CEO

Help me pass my gratitude to a very hard working team Sunil, Chandra, Sudheer, Bal Reddy, Jyothi, Sagar. We were given a large/quick task for testing over 15 defects in less than 3 days while juggling other bigger projects. Even though, this start to becoming part of the ‘norm’ here, it’s still just awesome to see the 3i Infotech QA team not complain and just professionally move FW and complete the task. Please help me pass my thank off to a great team

Dall Zachary VP, IT, Synchrony Bank