How can an integrated ERP solution fulfil the needs of the retail industry?

Retailers across the globe are undergoing a major transformation. They are shifting from traditional systems to a highly-integrated environment. A successful retailer must have the right cohesive mix of supply chain excellence, best-in-class marketing programmes, and smooth retail operations to remain profitable. [...]

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How Non-Profit organisations can benefit from an ERP solution

Non-profit organisations are governed by strict regulations and are required to maintain high levels of transparency with financials and operations. As these organisations run on donations, they need to have proof of where and how they are spending the funds. Donors will only fund non-profit organisations whose pe [...]

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The ERP deployment checklist

Organisations play a significant role in ensuring their ERP deployment is a success. The top management of a company must commit itself to reducing significant risks in the ERP software deployment process and increase the chances of success by aligning organisational objectives with that of the ERP vendor. Here’s [...]

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ERP & BPR – How can we make them work together and achieve organizational excellence?

The business environment is changing rapidly. The mere approach of deploying an ERP system may not help an organisation achieve its mission. Automation and re-engineering of business processes is key for the successful implementation of an ERP system. An organisation can either re-engineer its business processes b [...]

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Say no to spreadsheets! Centralise your data with an ERP system

Ever wondered how many spreadsheets your employees use daily? Also, what type of data do they store in these spreadsheets? From financial budgeting and planning to customer contact data, employees depend on numerous spreadsheets to store critical business information. Employees most commonly use spreadsheets to st [...]

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Manufacturing trends for 2017 and an outlook for ERP

2017 is going to be an exciting year for manufacturing companies. Technologies that would have seemed impossibly hi-tech a few years ago, are already being used in a few cutting-edge factory floors today. While most manufacturing companies are already leveraging technology on some level to organise their day-to-da [...]

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Key trends influencing the logistics industry in 2017

Globalisation has enabled superior connections across boundaries. However, this has impacted the supply chain management worldwide. Organisations operating in the logistics landscape must be able to adapt to the changing trends. Here are the key trends that will influence the logistics industry in 2017: Consumer b [...]

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4 key aspects of a trading and distribution ERP solution

The trading and distribution industry is extremely fast paced. It requires specialised ERP software functionalities in critical areas that are usually not present in prebuilt enterprise, or retail ERP solutions. With newer cloud ERP software, trading and distribution businesses need not deploy run-of-the-mill ERP [...]

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Key signs that your e-Commerce business needs an ERP solution

Is it increasingly becoming difficult to reconcile your eCommerce website’s financials at the end of the month? Are your online sales forecasts based more on presumption than reports? Is your business having trouble keeping up with its order volume? If these seem to be day-to-day issues your business is facing, th [...]

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Why opt for an ERP software for a trading and distribution business?

An ERP software can offer game-changing advantages to companies in the trading and distribution sector. Having a modern, automated ERP system for distribution and inventory management can help increase visibility, improve demand planning, and increase accuracy in reporting. Here’s why trading and distribution busi [...]

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