5 Ways of Simplifying Fleet Management with An ERP System

Whether you own a fleet of 5 or 500 vehicles, an ERP system is especially effective for fleet management. The transportation sector works on razor-thin margins dependent upon fluctuating fuel cost, rising insurance cost, regulatory government rules, mounting workload and loss of productivity due to improper mainte [...]

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Why Manufacturers Need a Modern ERP System?

There was a time when complex spreadsheets, messy paper bills and voluminous folders were used to maintain historical records of business transactions. When businesses grew in scale, such antiquated systems also got obsolete. They were replaced by ERP systems which were more than just organising and scheduling mod [...]

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4 Ways a CRM Software Helps Mine Data and Gain Business Intelligence

The business ecosystem is evolving as enterprises are increasingly focusing on maintaining healthy customer relationships. They are investing in technology that offers real-time data about customer behaviour, buying patterns and preferences, and are using this data to design marketing and sales campaigns, maintain [...]

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How can you make ERP systems more employee-friendly?

Today, ERP systems have become essential for the smooth operations of many cutting-edge businesses. However, these ERP systems are not exactly user-friendly, even for firms that have been using these systems for years. This is because most often the senior management of the company takes the ERP implementation dec [...]

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Harnessing the power of data in the manufacturing sector through a robust ERP system

As the manufacturing industry continues to pick up steam in the first quarter of the new financial year, many manufacturers are paying heed to technology that they previously were reluctant to invest in. One main area where manufacturers are seeing great ROI potential is ERP systems for manufacturing processes. A [...]

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Coupons, Targeted emailers, Affiliates – Manage it all with a powerful B2C ERP solution

Companies are increasingly seeing the benefits that a connected B2C ERP system can offer to the e-commerce business. From reducing the time taken for manual data syncing, or minimising data integrity issues between multiple solutions and applications, a B2C ERP solution acts as a common platform for payment, shipp [...]

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3 reasons why your accounting department needs a financial management software

Many small and medium enterprises consolidate financial data manually resulting in no tangible core business insights. An ERP integrated financial system can offer real value to finance teams as they aim to establish a solid foundation for growth. As another financial year comes to an end, it is the right time for [...]

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How an ERP system helps align IT with business strategy

Ever wondered why IT must align with your business strategy? Information technology is one of the key business functions for every enterprise and the business leaders have great expectations of their investment in IT to enable benefits for their organisation and their customers. Some of the expected benefits inclu [...]

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Keep inefficiencies at bay with invoice and order automation using an ERP solution

Are you a distributor or a manufacturer who receives faxed or emailed purchase orders and invoices that are manually entered into spreadsheets? Would you rather have your sales team or customer service executives selling and serving your customers instead of doing data entry? An ERP solution can do all this and mu [...]

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Improve revenue growth opportunities with an integrated ERP solution

Every company works towards accelerating its revenue growth. Even when economic conditions are volatile and top management focuses on cutting costs as much as possible, encouraging sales teams to improve revenue figures is still paramount. The choice of an integrated ERP solution can contribute significantly to im [...]

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