Organisational Change Management Strategies for a Successful ERP Implementation

One of the biggest mistakes we commit with ERP projects today is not realizing the need for organisational change management. It is a curse that many organisations feel that change management is an unnecessary expense. Change management is often misunderstood and devalued by higher-ups who think that simply instru [...]

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5 Business Transformation Strategies That Work

Change is always disruptive. It is imperative for companies to transform their processes and strategies to remain relevant in an ecosystem that is ever-evolving. However, organisations embark on business transformation journeys and often get mixed results. Failed attempts to ERP upgrade programme result in cost, sc [...]

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3 Workflows that are Strengthened with An ERP Solution

  ERP focuses on streamlining business processes by enabling seamless communication and coordination between the siloed departments of an organisation. ERP modules facilitate connections between supply chain organisations or between an organisation and its customers.Although there are unlimited workflows that [...]

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Is Your ERP Software GST Ready?

The much talked about GST implementation has become a reality. The Goods and Service Tax, a revolutionary and historic step in the Indian taxation system, is being heralded as the biggest tax reform in India. GST will add to the economic growth and bring simplicity in the way businesses operate by replacing existi [...]

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5 Ways ERP Systems Can Benefit Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies work in a highly challenging ecosystem. The industry moves at a fast pace and they need to constantly be up-to-date with information. An efficient ERP system can streamline their workflow from lead management to project closure. A web-based ERP system integrated with a CRM system can reduce o [...]

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The Ultimate Checklist to Choosing an ERP System for your e-Commerce Business

An efficient ERP system streamlines business processes and provides valuable data insights that facilitate timely business decisions. Manual data entry on spreadsheets are prone to human errors that can result in irrevocable business loss. Moreover, they are not equipped to handle the large volumes of online trans [...]

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Are Technology Transformation Projects Necessarily Tortuous and Prone to Failures?

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly and get on with improving your other innovations.” - Steve JobsInnovate to stay relevant. Technology transformations, i.e., migrating or redeveloping business software applications developed in older computer languages and implemente [...]

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4 Benefits of a Robust ERP System for Oil & Gas Companies

Oil and gas (O&G) companies work in a volatile ecosystem and are susceptible to fluctuations in international rates and changes in regulatory requirements. These companies ride on unpredictable waves of demand and supply and an ERP system can offer them a bird’s eye view of all operations and real-time data on [...]

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Timely Upgrades to your ERP System Can Avoid Security Threats

ERP systems work with large volumes of vital company, client and employee data. Even a minor security setback in ERP systems can disrupt the fine balance between processes and expose sensitive data to malware and ransomware attacks. Latest cloud-enabled ERP systems handle data from multiple devices and are accesse [...]

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6 Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Companies Need an ERP System

Today, the pharmaceutical industry is facing numerous business challenges such as radical healthcare reforms, stringent regulatory requirements, a demanding and discerning customer base, alarming global competition and unpredictable market trends. Consumers are looking for healthcare products of supreme quality at [...]

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