Looking into the Future: How AI Will Transform ERP Systems

As organisations attempt to peer into the crystal ball, trying to understand what the future holds in store for them, a few predictions strongly indicate the shape of things to come. According to the IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Intelligent ERP 2017 Predictions, 35% of businesses in 2018 will be looking at intellige [...]

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Increasing User Buy-In for a New ERP Just Got Easy!

In some organisations, the reasons for ERP moving on the slow lane is typically due to a few apprehensions. This includesthe fear that the solution may require complex processes, while not actually offering the expected or desired solutions. This is far from the truth, especially in the context of an evolved ERP. [...]

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4 Things to Bear in Mind When Selecting an Enterprise ERP

An enterprise ERP software is designed to meet the unique requirements of conglomerates straddling diverse business lines across locations. The need to integrate all quadrants of operations and processes into one single seamless and consolidated system is vital for large organisations to succeed. An enterprise ERP [...]

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5 Common Errors to Avoid When Selecting an ERP System for the Manufacturing Industry

ERP solutions for the manufacturing vertical are overarching, leaving an impact on the overall processes. It is therefore crucial to conduct a comprehensive study of existing processes to bring in an improved design and solution through automation. Getting the basics right is imperative in all actions, and ERP sys [...]

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How to Prepare an ERP Budget that Sails through Implementation

Budgeting for an ERP system involves a few additional tools and forecasting methods that are intrinsic to the implementation lifecycle apart from the usual projections and inputs that go into any budgeting exercise. It is important that decision-makers factor in every single aspect to prevent cost overruns and imp [...]

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8 Key Factors to Focus on while Implementing the ORION ERP Solution

ORION ERP software is a complete ERP system that can help your business gain a competitive edge, however, it is important to note that steps need to be taken to ensure the implementation process goes as smooth as possible. ERP implementations can be a risky undertaking and many factors can lead to its success or f [...]

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How to Integrate an ERP system with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Integrating an ERP system with a CRM software helps remove data silos in an organisation and optimises customer relationships to enhance profitability. A CRM-integrated ERP system offers a host of benefits to companies. Order to Collection An ERP system integrated with a CRM system typically means a new customer [...]

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What is an integrated ERP system?

An integrated ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a software utilised to optimise business process management. Essentially, a system of interconnected business applications manages your enterprise and automates many back-end business functions such as financial accounting, human resources, and more [...]

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How to Evaluate ERP Systems and its Functionality

Evaluating an ERP system’s value to your business is a challenging task. There is a host of real-time operational data and research findings to factor in while assessing an ERP solution’s veracity. Moreover, the stakes are too high as the ERP influences all departments of your business and a wrong system can have r [...]

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How IoT will Impact ERP Systems for Manufacturing

ERP is all about entering data into complex, structured databases at the end of processes and then manipulating and exchanging it within modules to get insights or actions. IoT is the opposite of this. It deals with unstructured data coming from multiple devices in varied formats in unpredictable patterns. A combin [...]

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