Blockchain: A Powerful SCM Aid

Blockchain is making ripples throughout every single industry and the supply chain scene is no longer a stranger to it. This nexus of software enables information to be present on multiple systems while ensuring every single outpost has the same information that is updated constantly and tracks every alteration al [...]

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ERP: A Surprising Partner to Lean Manufacturing Goals

Lean manufacturing has grown to be commonplace with objectives that aim to make processes more efficient and reduce waste. One surprising way to achieve lean manufacturing goals is to work in conjunction with an ERP system. Not only will they ensure they are attained, they will elevate the entire company’s functio [...]

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Mobile ERPs Redefine Manufacturing Business Efficiency

Everything is essentially accessible via mobile today. So, why shouldn’t your entire ERP solution? A legacy system fails to offer you the accessibility, the reach or even the collaboration that a mobile-enabled ERP provides. We’re not referring to a half-baked ERP that converts its desktop dashboard to a mobile e [...]

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5 Warning Signs that You Need an ERP Change in 2018

Businesses sometimes fail to see the writing on the wall about the out of sync ERP solutions in use. While the dazzling array of features and functions may have appeared to be most relevant at the time of implementation, the clamour for a change may become louder with the passage of time. Let’s dive into five dif [...]

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ORION Rises to the Challenge of Cloud ERP

Integrating cloud-based solutions into existing systems may sometimes appear daunting to organisations. And this may come in the way of expanding horizons and leveraging the power of cloud that takes solutions to the next level. ORION11j ERP Suite helps businesses take giant strides with next generation solutions [...]

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4 Common Manufacturing Problems That Can Be Resolved with an ERP Solution

  Consolidation of various processes and departments is often the corner-stone of turning an organisation into a success. As a single-point solution for consolidating and channelling various processes, an enterprise ERP software is crucial for any organisation, especially for entities involved in manufacturin [...]

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Inventory Visibility Made Simple With These 5 Best Practices

Paco Underhill, an environmental psychologist and author profiled customer preferences to help stores present products in a particular layout for greater visibility and transformed the way stores display products. In very much the same way, inventory of online businesses need to be visible to customers and client [...]

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3 Ways to Improve Your Predictive Analytics Capabilities with An ERP Solution

Organisations have leveraged predictive analytics, transforming passive historical data into active inputs for a near accurate prediction of future outcomes, quite similar to the highly advanced actuarial science. Practical implications of predictive analytics in a business include sharper sales forecasting, bette [...]

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Why Apparel Merchandisers Must Adopt an ERP Software?

  Merchandising is pivotal to the success of apparel manufacturers, integrating, planning, developing, executing and delivering product lines as per market forces and demands. Technology has been embraced in various forms across all industries, enhancing and improving virtually every aspect of business. From [...]

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How to Ensure a Smooth ERP Go-Live

  In many organisations, the much-awaited ERP go-live may sometimes end up failing to meet expectations, and nowhere close to making a splash that it was expected to accomplish. While one of many, or a combination of multiple factors may have contributed to poor implementation, it is necessary to understand t [...]

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