Revamping the retail experience to perform in the midst of e-commerce hyper-growth

  The blitzscaling success of e-commerce giants creates the impression that retail is dying. Far from it, retail remains a benchmark for picking brands—six out of ten shoppers prefer brands that have a retail presence than those that are exclusively online. Positive customer experience is the new competitive [...]

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Productivity in the Automotive Sector demands smarter ERP Solutions

  The global automotive business is experiencing rapid change. Even as it braces itself for the impact of trade wars and economic slowdown in China and India, OEMs are re-building their organizational structures to create lean and efficient set-ups. The auto sector has begun to prepare for several potentially [...]

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Omnichannel—the Best Way to Redefine User Experience

  Technology is not just the enabler of new experiences in the digital era, but a bridge of seamless integrations that enhance customer experience. Retailers earlier relied on multiple channels of engagement with customers that worked independently of each other. Typically, brands that were available online a [...]

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Unlock Full Value of the Cloud with ERP for Manufacturing

  Industry 4.0 has created inflection points, opening up endless opportunities with the convergence of various advanced technologies.  The cloud is one of the most important dimensions, the virtual focal point for transformation. A study by IDG reports that 77% of organizations[1] have a minimum of one applic [...]

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Why you must Modernize your Supply Chain Management with Blockchain

Blockchain is quite simply a single version of truth that can be viewed and shared by a number of users. The open digital ledger removes intermediaries and has the capability to reinvent supply chain management. It provides control and management to every stakeholder as per their needs be it terminal operators, i [...]

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How Process Automation can Transform your Enterprise

Businesses are wasting billions of their valuable dollars on repetitive and mundane tasks that can be automated easily. In stark contrast, there are companies that tend to move quickly than their competitors by making better decisions while reducing costs. The willingness to adopt process automation is a key fact [...]

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Embrace the Integration of Big Data and ERP for a Big Change

A report by IBM concluded that 90% of the data available today has been generated in the last two years[1]. This explains the unprecedented focus worldwide on big data—the evolving collective of structured, unstructured, and semi structured data used extensively in analytics to drive business decisions. Big data [...]

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ERP with Process Automation Redefines Productivity and ROI for Organizations

Global research and advisory firm Gartner’s insights on digital transformation states that two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their organizations must keep up with digitalization to stay competitive. As organizations continue to transform owing to digitization, it is essential that they revitalize th [...]

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Leverage Enterprise Automation through BI Enabled ERP Solutions

  A logical extension of the ‘data is the new oil’ analogy is the comparison of Business Intelligence with the refining process. BI is popularly known to ‘turn’ data into ‘insights’, ‘opportunities’, ‘information’, and ‘actionable strategies’. Companies that use analytics, are reportedly 5 times likely to ta [...]

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The Real Cost of an ERP: The Hidden Considerations Often Overlooked

An ERP system elevates your business on all fronts, however it does bring with it certain considerations and most importantly, it brings its costs. So, what expenditure do you have to be prepared for when seeking an ERP solution? Irrespective of your industry or whether it is on-premise or cloud-based, an ERP sol [...]

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