Training & growth

3i Infotech ensures that everyone— from a new recruit to a senior manager—is immersed in a culture of learning, every day. We equip our teams with the best tools and practices, the latest know-how, and top-notch people skills through customized training and professional support initiatives

In-house training and development programs

A year-round training calendar ensures continuous technical and soft skill development. Conducted by in-house training experts for enhanced relevance and effectiveness, these programs are planned and developed based on training requests, feedback from employees, and in-depth training needs analyses.

External training programs

Periodically, we sign up for external training courses that provide a global perspective on our business and equip our people with the latest know-how and best practices.

PAs with 360° feedback

Through constructive performance appraisals and 360° feedback, we provide each employee with clear direction and support in mapping out their career growth and setting performance objectives. Then, we offer training to help them meet these goals.

On-the-job mentorship

Here, managers are mentors. They encourage team members to participate in ongoing learning programs and offer real-time, constructive feedback and career guidance. They make sure that at 3i Infotech, training and growth are part of every work day.