Today, ERP systems have become essential for the smooth operations of many cutting-edge businesses. However, these ERP systems are not exactly user-friendly, even for firms that have been using these systems for years. This is because most often the senior management of the company takes the ERP implementation decision only considering the business benefits that it promises. However, upon implementation, even the best ERP system can be difficult to use.

Poor employee ERP adoption can be a major setback for a company because if its employees find their ERP system difficult to use, they will evade it whenever possible. This can reduce the utility of the ERP system and inhibit the firm for gaining the expected benefits from it.

Here are some steps you can take to drive employee ERP adoption by making it more employee-friendly:

Build the ERP solution around your existing processes

When you are choosing an ERP system, inform your ERP vendor that you want to build the ERP modules around your existing processes and not instead of them. Always, begin an ERP evaluation based on how much each ERP system meets your business needs and processes and note the possibilities that come with choosing the ERP system. Remember that you do not want to mould your company around the ERP system. You need to find an ERP system that best fits the existing processes of your company.  Take an inventory of job roles and gaps, and then build the ERP solution to fill the gaps. You don’t want an ERP system to change what is already working fine.

Select “user champions” during ERP implementation

When you are still in the ERP implementation stage, appoint employees to act as “user champions” in each department to promote ERP system adoption. Having departmental champions involved in the end-to-end ERP deployment is essential for the ERP adoption success and as it allows employees to get support from within their department.

Choose a phased deployment strategy

Often when an ERP system is deployed across the organisation in a short span of time, many existing businesses processes cannot cope with the sudden change. Most employees do not like change, and ERP implementation can be a big one. One trick for making your ERP system more employee-friendly is rolling it out in phases, easing employees into it. Try deploying the ERP system department-wise or across locations one at a time.

Train employees internally

A good way to acquaint employees with the new ERP system is by training and developing documentation for the system internally rather than by the ERP vendor. This builds employee expertise while lowering implementation and consulting expense. It also enables employees to get familiar with the system on the departmental level and identify early kinks in the system, which can be a great sign of employee ERP adoption.

Use these steps to ensure that your employees are in-sync with the ERP system from day one. These simple tips can go a long way toward making ERP friendlier for employees.