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3i Infotech BPO provides scalable Business Process Services to help enterprises enhance business performance and maximize profits. Our comprehensive services portfolio offers platform solutions across business functions such as Finance & Accounts, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Government and Enterprise. We also provide customized BPO services to cater to sectors like Banking, Retail, Credit Services, Healthcare, Utilities, Pharmaceuticals and more.

Core Competencies

At 3i Infotech BPO, transaction processing, email support and chat support are provided by highly experienced BPO agents, with expertise to communicate solutions and resolve customer issues through call, email, message or chat. We also offer cost-effective and efficient non-voice processes and services to address specific requirements. These include Data Processing, Shared Services, Analytics as a Service, Finance & Accounts processes (O2C, P2P, R2R), processes for Banking, Insurance & Healthcare, and all kinds of voice/call center solutions. We also provide customized services for government organizations, to simplify processes through automated solutions.


Data Processing Services

3i Infotech delivers best-in-class data processing solutions to enhance business performance and maximize profits. Our data processing services organize, streamline and utilize data effectively while helping enterprises reduce operating and management costs. In today's tech savvy world, there is a multitude of users who use multiple devices and conduct transactions which throw up massive amount of data. This data, in a variety of formats are both structured and unstructured from both online and offline sources. The 3i Infotech Data Processing services organize, streamline and effectively utilize data, helping enterprises to significantly reduce operating and management costs, enabling better investment of time and resources in the core areas of the business. We provide data entry, data conversion, forms and cheque processing, data formatting & cleansing as well as document auditing services.

Shared Services

3i Infotech’s intelligent shared service centers can magically simplify your workforce and create process efficiency in large operations. Amidst the increasing pressure to balance growth and costs, outsourcing of financial processes through shared services is not just about cutting costs and achieving standardization, it’s also about improving process efficiencies and providing actionable insights for the business. By centralizing all IT resources, we can significantly cut costs improve services to multiple service areas within the organization. We create and customize a BPM suite which will enable the end to end process management . We create more value for both your internal and external customers while reducing cost.Our Shared Services platform will improve service delivery to all operating process units by improved efficiency of the entire business by digitizing manual processes, maximizing the productivity of personnel,and better integrating legacy technology systems. It provides transparency to all running business processes , by monitoring everything going on.The solutions offered include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Vendor Processing, Employee Claim, and Processing.


A proven analytics practice powered by deep domain insights and extensive delivery experience translate into a comprehensive array of analytics solutions for our clients. Our vast experience across industries and business functions coupled with capabilities in analytics, helps us extract business insights – enabling our clients to apply these into decision making and achieve tangible outcomes. The services offered include MIS & Report Publication, Dashboard Publication, Central Data Repository, Knowledge Bank Management, Process Setup, and Record Segregation.


A talented team of consultants and domain specialists, a proven service track record and global delivery capabilities help 3i Infotech BPO provide an array of KPO & LPO offerings. Our KPO services enable enterprises to leverage knowledge to drive business decisions across all functions, to achieve a competitive advantage. Key services offered include - Credit Research, Company, Fixed Income, Economic & Industry Research, Retail Analytics and Desktop Publishing. Our LPO services help legal firms & legal counsels to focus on greater customer engagement, reduce time spent on non-core processes, while keeping costs under control

Record Management

From digitizing, centralizing and organizing records, to strategies for storing, processing and archiving, our Records Management services provide comprehensive storage, retrieval and logistics management solutions. Easy access and accurate retrieval of records is handled by our Records Management Center software, which manages over 900 commercial records centers in over 65 countries.

HRO Offerings

3i Infotech’s HRO offerings simplify HR processes, provide standardization, reduce costs, and improve employee experience, enabling enterprises to focus on strategic and long-term initiatives, instead of spending resources to manage routine and transactional functions. Our BPO services in the HR space include - Payroll Outsourcing, Compensation Management, Recruitment & Staffing, Performance Management, Training & Development and Employee Relations.


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