The Sword of Damocles hangs on financial institutions due to Money Laundering – Banks,Insurance Companies; Investment Houses are the first targets.

One of the greatest challenges that banks face in managing money-laundering activities is handling huge volume of fragmented data from multiple source systems. This, coupled with multiple products, channels, instruments and parties makes detection of these incidents sub-optimal without automated systems. Banks also have the additional challenge of fragmented data from multiple source systems. A comprehensive solution must include the ability to scour vast amounts of data, provide an integrated view across data streams and must possess the tools to analyze, investigate, and enrich data, thereby transforming it into meaningful, valuable, and actionable intelligence on preventing and detecting potential money laundering activities.

3i Infotech’s Financial Crime Detection and Management Solution ( AMLOCK-FCDMS) is an integrated Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crime detection and management solution to suit the requirements of Banks and Financial institutions. The solution is compliant with KYC, Transaction Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting and assists the bank in detecting and managing money laundering transactions.

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AMLOCK Lite caters to small and medium non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). It is designed for NBFCs whose regulatory compliance requirements are lesser on account of smaller operations and business complexities. It enables these businesses to fully comply with AML regulatory requirements, covering KYC Processes, Sanction List Screening, Risk Classifications, Transaction Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting, including Suspicious Transaction Reports and Currency Transaction Reports.

AMLOCK Analytics

AMLOCK Analytics brings the latest dimension of Analytics and Artifical Intelligence to uncover hidden AML patterns / risks. This model uses various statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to derive an analysis and predictions based on institution specific historical data. It helps financial institutions to meet their most critical challenge of managing huge false positives.


AMLOCK Cloud is an integration model for the lighter version of AMLOCK . It is a single end to end solution with the major AML features like KYC, Risk Classification, Transaction Monitoring and Reporting to cater to all AML compliance and reporting requirements of a Financial institution. It would bring in the advantage of reducing the operational costs as compared to On-premise installations and improve efficiency by centralizing storage, bandwidth , memory and processing. Deployment on cloud also offers greater flexibility in providing future product up-gradations / enhancements.



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