Proactive Fraud Detection & Management

AMLOCK One of the critical pain points for today’s fraud investigators is that the fraud detection is mostly retrospective and reactive in nature. Also, in most of the cases, there is a high person dependency in detecting fraud and that gives the fraudsters the time to erase the traces. The voluminous data coupled with multiple products, channels, instruments and parties makes it almost impossible for fraud detection without automated systems. Automated monitoring systems become essential when there are multiple source systems existing in a distributed environment. A customer-centric approach to fraud monitoring, detection and management requires a holistic view of threats, especially in today’s sophisticated world of financial crime.

AMLOCK’s Fraud Detection and Management solution provides end-to-end fraud management controls through a fine blend of Adaptive Profiles, Rules and Scores. The solution enables screening customers against fraudster lists, supports real time, near real time and batch monitoring of transactions and investigation of alerts in a user-friendly case workflow.

Fraud Detection

Comprehensive and Agile Fraud Management

Our proven experience in financial crime and compliance solutions brings the right domain expertise in managing multi-channel transaction monitoring and making insight-driven decisions with thorough risk analysis. We provide the agility and flexibility to customize fraud and authentication strategies in response to the changing environment.

Winning Business Outcomes

Safeguard your organization against financial crime and stay compliant with regulations with AMLOCK.

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