Comprehensive AML/CFT Compliance & Reporting

AMLOCK Banks and financial institutions face acute challenges in combating money laundering activities that include compliance to KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations, EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence) policies, risk-based transaction monitoring and country-specific AML reporting requirements.

Accurately identifying and reporting suspicious activities is manually intensive, error-prone, time-consuming and expensive. Banks and financial institutions require an expert hand to:

  • Simplify the compliance processes through automated systems
  • Provide a single risk assessment of their customers across multiple lines of business
  • Minimize False Positives and increase efficiency
  • Configure user defined alerts and reports
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail for any changes

AMLOCK’s AML & CFT (Countering Financing of Terrorism) Compliance & Reporting provides automated screening, alerting, reporting and regulatory filing that eases AML compliance requirements. It generates reports with 100 per cent compliance to all regulatory formats and provides intelligent insights into compliance levels and investigation efficiency

AML & CFT Modules

Winning Business Outcomes

Safeguard your organization against financial crime and stay compliant with regulations with AMLOCK.

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