Conversational Services

Conversational Services allows automation of customer on-boarding using voice and bots as the channels. This solution is powered by Artificial Intelligence to converse with customers, understand the products they want to apply for, capture data and pre-populate forms where possible. It uses social media like Linkedin and bank aggregation as solutions to gather data required to fill the forms. Customer experience has become the lynch pin for Banks to acquire more customers. While portals are slowly being counted as a traditional channel, Banks are trying to find new ways to engage with their prospects in a faster and pervasive manner. It is predicted that 50% of all searches by 2020 would use voice with 30% of them being screen less.

This solution is expected to make acquiring a new product a pleasant experience, by making the whole process 3-4 times faster than when customers have to type the whole application form. This solution embraces omni-channel experience as the core principle, which Banks are striving to deliver to their clients.