AI, Cloud Technology, and Automation to Stay at the Top of the Business Ladder

By September 9, 2019Technology

The arrival of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, Big Data, and Machine Learning has significantly reduced conventional businesses’ influence. Fast-changing customer needs are forcing firms to adapt and evolve. Digital transformation is the new paradigm, which is helping businesses stay one step ahead of the competition. Firms today are leveraging the support of the cloud to set up robust digital transformation frameworks.

Public cloud adoption and engagement is being driven by businesses that are pursuing digital transformation. Here is how the cloud is enabling digital transformation:

  • Faster prototyping: Firms follow the process of innovating, testing, executing, and repeating. With cloud, businesses can efficiently execute this process without any complicated infrastructure and resources. Through digital transformation, traditional work practices and legacy systems can be replaced with processes that support agility.
  • Agility: A firm must relook its business models regularly. Cloud offers the necessary platforms, infrastructure, and computing abilities to help firms stay agile and ready for change.
  • Security: Shifting a database to the cloud offers better protection from dangers such as system shutdown and data breach. Also, it is easy to create multiple backups. There is a limited risk of system failure, particularly if there are large amounts of data.
  • Labour effectiveness and cost: Businesses can avoid the trouble of managing and investing in the necessary infrastructure. Cloud allows them to scale up or down, so they pay only for the resources that they use.

Major Benefits of Automation

With the right tools, automating computer operations is easy and can businesses can reap major benefits. Here are some of the major benefits of automation:

Reliability: Automated operations guarantee that tasks are not overlooked or run out of order and critical jobs are completed successfully and the input data is correct.
Availability: A major benefit of automation is the ability to automate recovery systems to guarantee protection from unintentional damage to system objects through human errors or potential disasters.
Accessibility: With cloud storage, you can access a document on any device at any location. You just need an internet connection to access documents.
Mobility: With cloud, you can work at any time, from anywhere, and through any device. Remote working is quite popular among several employees, especially in startups and SMEs.

Benefits of AI

Since data fuels digital transformation, today almost every enterprise is ramping up its investment in AI. It is the key that reveals the value of data in new ways. Here are some major benefits of AI:

  • Re-imagine new business models
  • Wisely automate processes, experiences, and decisions
  • Enhance productivity by making people do higher-value work
  • Anticipate and shape future outcomes

With evolving technology, which is moving fast, digital transformation has become imperative for survival. Cloud, AI and automation act as catalysts for this transformation. In an age where triumph is measured by customer experience, a cloud and AI-enabled business model will help businesses discover newer ways to offer enhanced customer experience.

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