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Enquire Now DIGITAL SOLUTIONS TO OPTIMISE YOUR BUSINESS A digital-led platform and an industry-specific suite of solutions that provide last-mile customisation for every business problem. Enquire Now LEVERAGE THE POWER OF DIGITAL TO REDUCE COST OF OPERATIONS BY 25% A digital-led platform and an industry-specific suite of solutions that provide last-mile customisation for every business problem. Enquire Now HARNESSING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS TRANSFORMING A digital-led platform and an industry-specific suite of solutions that provide last-mile customisation for every business problem.

Who We Are

Digital Solutions to Help Your Business Thrive

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Digital is the future, and businesses that don’t adapt their processes will fail to meet Industry 4.0. With that view, 3i Infotech’s Digital Services Business Unit aims to catalyse digital adoption for enterprises of all sizes.

With built-in end-to-end framework elements, our software suite is easy-to-use, well-suited for agile implementation, and takes care of your entire process management, so you can focus on balancing other business KPIs.

What We Do

A Comprehensive Solutions Landscape

We aren’t just another SaaS company. Our products and services are designed to accelerate your digital business transformation, create an engaged workforce and ultimately satisfy customers.


Virtual IT Support Engineer

Leveraging AI/ML capabilities, our virtual IT support engineer provides is the best solution you could ask for! Get end-to-end support, remove redundancies and automate repetitive tasks.



Our unique one-stop platform for performance, security and functional and non-functional automation testing.


Omnichannel User-Experience

Deliver cohesive customer experiences by integrating offline and online communications into one seamless service.

Intelligent Automation

From planning and designing your business processes to everyday maintenance, automate your business and streamline your core IT infrastructure to meet the market’s dynamic needs.

Document Management System

Collate and create in confluence using one single platform to boost productivity.

Incentive Solutions Platform

An all-in-one agent and customer experience platform that digitise and incentivise agents and middlemen. Because empowered employees mean happy customers.

Looking for a specific solution?


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Why Choose Us

Boost Revenue + -

A digital-first approach to keep your organisation ahead of the competition! Our stack of services is designed to disrupt traditional models of how businesses run. We help organisations drive higher productivity, efficiency and, of course, revenue.

Reduce Operating Costs By 25% + -

You read that right! Our services follow a simple principle – optimise operations, control costs and enhance client experience. We do this by harnessing the power of digital and leveraging groundbreaking technologies like AI, Blockchain, Robotic process automation (RPA), and Low-Code.

Maximise Efficiency + -

Stay ahead of the curve with our solutions designed to bolster your current infrastructure and take it to the next level! Our impressive digital services create a three-fold impact – revolutionise your operations, boost employee productivity and increase efficiency – leading to smarter enterprises and business operations.

Modernize Operations + -

Embrace digitisation to supercharge your enterprise’s capabilities! Digital transformation empowers staff to be more productive and has a cascading effect – improving your business processes and delighting customers with faster service. Modernising records with digitisation complements other technology efforts at your organisation, thus saving you time and money.

Gain Intelligent Insights + -

Take advantage of our advanced analytics to find gaps in your business processes and choose custom solutions designed to power growth.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value + -

Customer Lifetime Value is the most critical metric for any enterprise. Revisit strategies and identify the best ways to acquire new customers and retain existing ones while maximising profits. Amplify your customer experience management with our services and maintain your profit margin.

Boost Customer Engagement and Reduce Churn + -

Harness digitisation to create holistic omnichannel strategies that engage and interact with your customer base in real-time. Higher CLV is often a product of good customer experience management and often results in reduced churn or customer turnover. Our end-to-end solutions ensure increased and proactive response times, understanding needs and rewarding loyalty.

Enjoy a World of Benefits With Our Services

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  • Ease the load off your CTO/CIO’s shoulders.
  • Remove redundancies, minimise risks and enhance client service.
  • Revamp business processes and introduce next-gen infrastructure.
  • Modular, Plug-and-Play architecture and agile processes for successful digital transformation.
  • Employ seamless human-humanoid interaction for optimal results.

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