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The impact of artificial intelligence can be felt massively in all industries. Organizations across industries are devising AI strategies to deploy its effects in multiple areas which is leading to cost savings, optimizing businesses, enhancing workforce experience and delivering high quality products. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of CIOs will be piloting AI programs through a combination of buy, build and outsource efforts.

Impact of AI on Businesses

Gartner predicts that AI determines to be the most promising technology in the coming years. According to reports by Gartner, “Service providers move from data to analytics to actionable cognitive intelligence. The combination of analytics, artificial intelligence and automation will have a disruptive and transformative impact on service providers’ care organizations.” Here is how AI will impact businesses in the near future:

  1. Enables Quicker Decision Making

AI technology enables quicker decision making in situations of uncertainty. This acts as a critical factor while leading businesses towards focused and strategic directions. The outcome is based on cognitive technologies.

  1. Saves Time and Money

Time and money will always be the two pinnacle factors in any business. Embracing technologies that can drastically reduce the burden of such losses by automating routine processes and tasks ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.

  1. Increases revenue

Businesses are always on the lookout for opportunities to maximize revenue and sales. AI technology provides exactly the right tools for your business to increase revenue and sales windows so that you can capitalize on the same.

  1. Increases Productivity

As AI Technology is on the rapid rise, businesses are looking to capitalize on the best offerings that the technology can produce. When utilized to the best ability the AI can result in desired output.

Future of AI Technology

As AI is moving at break-neck speed, the future of this technology has already begun. AI will assist in enabling solutions to an array of issues related to our current surroundings. Given its increasing power AI, in conjunction with knowledge science and alternative technologies will rule the world in the near future. Several benefits of using the technology in specific industries are that AI will present itself as the next big technology in businesses. AI can act as a friend in the healthcare sector to the patients while Uber is developing the technology to run automated cars in the future.

Bear in mind that AI is an emerging technology and uncertain challenges are bound to pose for any business. Important thing to note is to adapt to the fast-changing technology and make use of the benefits it has to offer. 3i Infotech increases revenue by identifying and maximizing sales opportunities to your business.

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