Factors while implementing Orion ERP

ORION ERP software is a complete ERP system that can help your business gain a competitive edge, however, it is important to note that steps need to be taken to ensure the implementation process goes as smooth as possible. ERP implementations can be a risky undertaking and many factors can lead to its success or failure.

Here are some great things to consider when implementing the ORION ERP Suite:

  1. Assign a true team leader

With any major implementation, or change in business processes, it is vital that a business appoints a team leader to the project. This person should understand your business thoroughly – including pain points of current systems and the benefits of the new system. This leader should fully comprehend all business processes and understand what is expected of the adoption of ORION ERP.

  1. Form a dedicated group

A leader is nothing without a great team. Management should not only assign a team leader, but also form a team of individuals – Process Owners who are fully committed to the project. These Process Owners should be focused on the successful implementation process and work to provide everyone involved a better experience.

  1. Empower your team

It is important to empower your team, and ensure they have the resources needed to carry out this project and make timely decisions. If the team assigned to helping implement ORION ERP believes in the benefits of the project, this will ultimately filter down to all Users.

  1. Innovate – don’t replicate

Adopting an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution is a great time to review what your current processes are, and figure out how you can improve your information flow and data reporting.

  1. Engage your users early

Involve your employees in the process and get them to familiarise themselves early with ORION ERP. Helping your employees better understand how to use the system will ultimately lead to a better buy in.

  1. Set realistic goals and create a timeline

Make sure you set realistic goals of what you want ORION ERP to accomplish. In conjunction with these goals, you must create a timeline of your goals and the various stages of the implementation process.

  1. Set weekly progress meetings

Weekly progress meetings must be put in place to discuss assignments, implementation progress, resourcing and accountability. Keeping everyone informed on the process to date and next steps is important for morale and success.

  1. Conduct monthly steering committee meetings

Steering Committee meetings must be conducted monthly. The role of the project steering committee is to deliberate, make decisions, advice, provide strategic oversight, and to serve as the primary “advocate” for the Project. On a broad level this committee will review the Project Status (Plan Vs Actual), Risk Management, Change Management  Strategies and take corrective actions.

Any ERP software implementation will encounter hurdles on the way, and takes the dedication of all involved to ensure success of the project. Considering these steps will greatly reduce the level of risk and increase the level of buy in and commitment from your entire company.

If you wish to explore how ORION ERP can help your business, request a demo today!