Need an ERP Change in 2018

Businesses sometimes fail to see the writing on the wall about the out of sync ERP solutions in use. While the dazzling array of features and functions may have appeared to be most relevant at the time of implementation, the clamour for a change may become louder with the passage of time. Let’s dive into five different indications warning an organisation of the need for a change in ERP Solutions.

  1. End of life or lack of updates

ERP solutions, like any other technology solution can end up being classified as outdated. This could be either because of the solution reaching its End of Life (EOL), or due to a lack of updates from the vendor to keep it relevant and active. With newer versions offering better solutions and functions that are expected to have longer utility and life, it may be time for a change.

  1. Inability to get all functions aboard –process inefficiency

ERP solutions need to address important process requirements. Effectively, this means that everything that needs to work as part of a process needs to be aboard the solution. If part of a process is handled by the ERP, while another related function is still handled manually, then it is high time to switch to a solution that handles every aspect seamlessly.

  1. Cloud compatibility

Improper evaluation of the needs and futures needs may have resulted in opting for ERP solutions that were not cloud compatible. The benefits outstrip and outweigh other factors and it certainly merits opting for a solution that will make it possible to easily integrate operations in the cloud in the future.

  1. Non-compliance with new regulations

An organisation that deals with data of individuals of the EU, either directly or directly, with an ERP that was designed prior to the regulation era, with little or no compliance, needs an upgrade or a change to a fully compliant solution. Globally, regulations are kicking it and it is time ERP solutions of businesses that operate within the regulatory requirements, become compliant.

  1. Hurting bottom lines of budgets

An ERP solution that is increasingly appearing to be a black hole for budgets, is a sign for immediate change. One of the primary objectives of an ERP solution is the cost cutting factor. A solution that piles on the expenses through support costs and upgrade costs needs to be changed swiftly for better ROI and profit margins.

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