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Banking sector is undergoing a transformational period since recent past. From the inception of ATMs to the possibility of VR technology into their banking services.

When the word ‘Virtual Reality (VR) rings in your ears,’ we still think of immersive & interactive 3D video games, don’t we? Banking doesn’t cross many minds although the benefits of the technology are innumerable. Can financial institutes tap into VR technology to create a memorable & engaging banking experience?

With buying population of Millenials increasing every day, the need for self-service is more crucial than ever before. Financial institutes must leverage VR technology at every level in order to gain the maximum output. Virtual reality (VR) plays a vital role in bringing banking solutions from digital platforms into the hands of the customers. This experience provides a buying ecosystem that can be as real as a live scenario.

Virtual Reality, a ground-breaking technology when introduced in the banking sector, can be used to turn dead numbers and dry concepts into a more rich and meaningful experience through vivid imagery in order to engage both sides of the brain.

The benefits don’t just stop there. Let’s see how VR can further aid the banking sector in bringing solutions closer to the audience.

Reinventing customer relations

Financial Institutes are increasingly developing interest in virtual reality, while removing the clichés the technology holds in the gaming sector. After the online banking mechanism, comes the excellent VR technology. Enhanced communications pave new ways for customers in revolutionizing their experiences. Consider this, what if you could meet your banking assistant in a simulated avatar? The virtual meeting is more beneficial over video calls & emails.

Virtual meeting, another feature beneficial for banking sector, is more engaging than a telephonic conversation. The technology is as effective as a face-to-face meet while eliminating travel hassles.

Virtual Reality (VR), a technology that is on the rise not just in the gamification sector, but also in the banking sector.

Job interview with an avatar

Virtual Reality can be used by banks and more generally by all companies for their needs. Consider training a new hire. With this system a single human can control several avatars and become an entire panel by himself.
The simulators interviewing the applicant are real experiences backed with 3-dimensional feature for a completely realistic effect. It can display different expressions while controlled by a single person. Applicants who tested the immersive cube were of the opinion – the inability to catch the eyes of their recruiters is unsettling.

Virtual Technology is modernising the financial sector while transforming user experiences. 3i Infotech gives you the advantage of seamless customer experiences while making your transactions smoother.

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