ERP manufacturing system

ERP solutions for the manufacturing vertical are overarching, leaving an impact on the overall processes. It is therefore crucial to conduct a comprehensive study of existing processes to bring in an improved design and solution through automation. Getting the basics right is imperative in all actions, and ERP systems are no different. A flawed approach or foundation will result in an outcome that adds little or no value to the acquisition. Here are five top errors that project managers have been guilty of repeating and must avoid when looking to deploy an ERP for the manufacturing segment.

  1. The need to figure out the exact needs of an ERP system for manufacturing

The temptation to opt for a solution that works admirably in a different domain may be overwhelming. But it is extremely important to choose a solution that is industry specific. The success of the manufacturing ERP system hinges on the expertise of the developer in delivering industry-specific solution.

  1. New-fangled technology need not be loaded with bells and whistles

More often than not, the selection of an ERP software has been made on the basis of features offered, where most of the features were of little or no value to the organisation. It is of paramount importance to choose a system that offers a direct, effective and simple solution to manufacturing processes. The whole idea of an ERP system is to simplify, remove complexities and improve productivity across the board.

  1. Lack of vision to make use of existing resources

A well-designed ERP system should ideally take into consideration existing resources and work around it, with suitable modifications for enhancing processes and improving productivity in manufacturing. Opting for a system that calls for a large number of resources, without utilising existing resources will negate the very idea of an ERP.

  1. Non-inclusion of resources who would be directly impacted by the ERP

By not including resources who would be directly impacted by the ERP in the run-up to the deployment, managers err in the selection process. Inputs from the personnel and resources who will be most directly impacted by the system are of critical importance, and help in the design of the most suitable modules and processes for the manufacturing landscape.

  1. Trophy value – sticking with the big names

This ranks high among the selection errors. The tendency to opt for the most well-known brand can result in only trophy value. Whilst it is necessary to choose a reputed developer, it is also important to choose a partner who is most suited to deliver, rather than choosing one who is famous, by virtue of generic solutions, masked as systems with ‘highly customisable options’.

ORION ERP for the manufacturing vertical has been created with strong domain expertise, backed by quality certifications and endorsements achieved through impressive global delivery.  Get in touch with us for more information on ORION ERP for manufacturing.